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5 star
East Azerbaijan Province, Tabriz, Elgoli, Kasaei Fwy, Iran

About El Goli hotel , Tabriz

Beside the beautiful El Goli Park of Tabriz, a luxurious 17-floor building named Tabriz Pars Hotel which is ready to receive the guests in Tabriz with its complete facilities and equipment. The main tower of El Goli hotel, Tabriz Pars Hotel, has a revolving restaurant that displays a beautiful landscape of El Goli Park and Tabriz.


Kasaei Fwy, Elgoli, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran

Facilities and services:

Pars Hotel has fantastic four restaurants, all are large in size well decorated and with a nice big terrace attached looking over the park. they all serve one of the best and finest food in town and they are very much recommended for business lunches and weddings.

Swimming pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Billiard Club, Tennis Hall, Gym, Massage parlor, Coffee Shop, Net Cafe, Auditorium, Restaurant, Outdoor restaurant, Traditional Restaurant, Shopping center, Green Space, Laundry, Taxi Services, Wireless Internet, Private Parking, Library, Barber, Medical Services, Outdoor Pool, Fast food restaurant, Satellite TV, ATM Bank, Prayer Room.

  • ¬†Swimming pool
  • ¬†Billiard Club
  • ¬†Auditorium
  • ¬†Satellite TV
  • ¬†Net Cafe
  • ¬†Wireless Internet
  • ¬†Sauna
  • Gym
  • ¬†Traditional Restaurant
  • ¬†Library
  • ¬†Restaurant
  • ¬†Private Parking
  • Jacuzzi
  • ¬†Coffee Shop
  • Sailing
  • ¬†Taxi Services
  • ¬†Shopping center
  • ATM Ban

Number of rooms:

  • 20 beds in a single room
  • 139 double room rooms
  • 20 suites


  • Distance to train station: 15 km
  • Distance to airport: 20 km

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El Goli hotel

El Goli hotel , Tabriz Tabriz, Iran

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