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Iran Travel Insurance

have you ever asked yourself: What happens if I lost my pass during trip? If I got sick? If I lost money?

Iran Travel Insurance: Certainly,  Anyone travelling to any country in the world might be concerned about possible things that can happen to them in their destination. Most importantly, Travelling to Iran is no exception.

That is to say, Insurance is an important issue to travel to Iran. therefore, to get your visa and collecting it, you have to have Iran Insurance. Also, It is necessary to get it not only to collect your visa, but also to have a secure Trip to Iran.

This is where you can feel how useful responsible travel insurance services are. Therefore, before travelling to Iran or any other place in the world, you’d better ask for travel insurance. here in this article, provided by our Iran Tour and Travel Agency, You can read about this Iran Travel Service, which can be bought before you travel to Iran or choose an Iran Tour.

Travel insurance for Iran

As travel insurance is a must to enter Iran, visitors should buy the travel insurance from a reliable company, otherwise they have to buy Iranian travel insurance at the airport.

To do so, you can buy travel insurance form international travel insurance companies, or from Iranian companies. First we provide you with information on Iranian insurance and second, you can see some links to international travel insurance companies as well.

Are you wondering what you should do for getting Iran travel insurance? meanwhile, Asking yourself: how can I buy a travel insurance for Iran trip? also, Thinking about which company provides the best insurance coverage Iran visitors?

to clarify, Read this article to the end and you’ll get all you need. in other word,  you have any other questions, you can contact us whether online or offline.
after that, Iran travel Insurances are most importantly based on:

A) Different Ages
B) Duration of travel
C) Tour costs

Iran travel insurance with best coverage

Iran Travel Services

What are Iranian Travel Insurance benefits?

Likewise, local Travel Insurance Companies in Iran often cover the following items:

1. Refund of Treatment Expenses; for example,  Poisoning, Medical and Surgical expenses
2. Repatriation to home country in case of hospitalization or death
3. Legal Support and Assistance
4. Assistance in case of Document or Luggage loss

travel insurance for iran with best coverage

iran destination

above all, One of The best Iranian Tourist Insurance companies is Saman Insurance Company. also, This company provides Iran Incoming travelers with the most suitable travel insurance and best costs. In other world, Other insurance companies in Iran do not offer luggage loss coverage, but Saman Insurance Company does. So, That’s why this is the company we suggest to our guests.

Iran travel insurance with best coverage

travel safe

Iran Travel Insurance: What does Saman Travel Insurance cover?

Travel insurance for Iran: Saman Medical and Health Insurance

1. The costs of receipt, admittance and hospitalization (Up to 10,000 Euro)

2. Transfer to the closest Health Care Center in case of an accident or disease. also, Providing the patient with emergency ground ambulance and air medical services, and returning the insured to their home country if necessary. (Up to 5,500 Euro)

3. Emergency dental treatment charges (Up to 200 Euro)

4. Repatriation and returning the corpse for Iran travel insurance, for example (In case of death of the insured person during their travel to Iran) (Without limit)

5. In case of hospitalization more than 10 days, providing the travel costs for a person, next of kin, to accompany the insured patient. (Without limit)

6. Paying the costs for insured children under 15 years old, returning with one protector to the home country, in case of death or hospitalization of the insured person.

7. Returning the costs of the insured person, if the passenger is not able to use their own departure flight, in case of severe health problem or death (Without limit)

Saman Insurance Legal and judiciary guidance

7. First, Legal Consultancy and Assistance (Up to 250 Euro)

8. Second, Guidance and helping with documents and ID cards loss (Up to 200 Euro)

Saman Insurance for Baggage loss

9. The loss of travelers’ baggage/suitcase or properties (Up to 150 Euro)

travel insurance for iran with best coverage

Safety Travel -Iran destination

Iran Travel Insurance: How much does it cost to buy Iran travel insurance?

The cost of Saman travel insurance is based on the age of passengers and their duration of stay in Iran.

Duration of stay Age
  Under 12 13-65 66 – 70 71-80 80 – more
0 – 7 Days 11 € 14 € 17 € 19 € 30 €
8 – 15 Days 14 € 19 € 24 € 29 € 50 €
16 – 30 Days 18 € 21 € 25 € 32 € 56 €
31 – 45 Days 19 € 32 € 39 € 49 € 90 €
46 – 62 Days 21 € 36 € 46 € 59 € 103 €
63 – 92 Days 24 € 39 € 53 € 67 € 130 €


Also, You can book Iran Travel Insurance through Iran Destination’s online agents and in addition,  Further, you can fill the form below, we will call you as soon as possible.  moreover, If you need more information, contact us as well.

subsequently, here you can see some international travel insurance companies, you may wish to use:

International Travel Insurance Companies

further, click on your interested country below and read more on the international travel insurance company based in that country.







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