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Darak Village

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About Darak village

Darak Village in the Zarabad section of the city of Konarak with the most beautiful, cleanest and most beautiful coast of Islamic Iran and even the world which is located in Baluchistan Province. In addition to the four examples of the shores mentioned in the mangroves and ancient gulls of Galk, has a length of 6 kilometers and an area of ​​52 hectares.

Darak Coast , Sistan and Baluchistan

Sunset of Darak Village

Moreover, the red sunset is beautiful among the palm trees, the sea level, the rhymes and the forest, and you can see the different colors of the sun set by a few minutes of the sun.

Darak Village , Baluchistan

Darak Village , Baluchistan

Coast of Darak Village

Furthermore, The understanding is an untouched and spectacular coastal region 170 km west of Chabahar and 10 km from the village of Zearabad. However, the village is located on the road to two major ports of the south, the port of Chabahar and Bandar Abbas, and on the transit route of Bandar Konarak and the port of Jask.

Darak People

However, people speak in Balochi dialect, and the village has kept its purity and beauty with the efforts of the people and the authorities of the cultural heritage.

Darak Off-Road

Sandy dams, a wide and long beach, is a great mix for the open air. However, where it can be enjoyed with a special car to get up and down on rhymes and sand dunes and drive for a long time on the beach.

Darak Sunset , Sistan and Baluchistan

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