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Fandoghloo jungle is one of the most beautiful sights of Ardabil province for nature tourism. If you like the air of a plain, full of flowers such as chamomile and pristine forest, you can feel all the beauty and freshness of clean air in this jungle. You can join our team, Iran Destination, and get more acquainted with this pristine and dreamy nature. Iran travel agency, Iran Destination, will organize your trip to Iran. You can offer your tailor-made trip to Iran or visit our programs on the Iran tour page. You can contact to our Iranian travel agency, our agents are online to answer all your questions.

Fandoghloo Jungle

Where is the Fandoghloo Jungle?

Fandoghloo Jungle is one of the sights of Namin in Ardabil province, which is located in the south of Namin city. The distance from Fandoghloo Jungle to Ardabil is 39 km, to Astara 67 km and to Tehran 626 km.There are few places where you can watch wild deer up close, eat wild fruits and pick flowers from a plain full of fragrant flowers with medicinal properties. So we are not exaggerating if we say that Fandoghloo Jungle is a unique region.The area of ​​this forest is about 25 km and its altitude is 1500 meters above sea level, which reaches 1850.

fandoghloo jungle

fandoghloo forest

Familiarity with Fandoghloo Jungle

The most western part of the Hyrcanian forests is the Fandoghloo Jungle. It is located near the Heyran Valley and south of Namin. The border areas of the northern green nature with the southern slopes of Alborz and the western areas of the border of Gilan province have a special nature and interesting views. At these points, the two climates collide, resulting in ever-changing climates and areas with special vegetation and forests. Fandoghloo Jungle is the point of confrontation between the dry and cold air of Ardabil region and the hot and humid air of Gilan. That is why most days of the year are foggy here and even on the hottest days of summer you can see the flow of clouds at low altitudes.

More informations about Fandoghloo Jungle

Every corner of this area has a special beauty at any time of the year and if you travel at the best time, you will encounter paradise. Fandoghloo has a humid and pleasant climate. For this reason, the growth of various fruit trees in this area is very high. The most famous tree is the hazelnut, which is famous for its abundance. Wild apples and herbaceous species such as star anise, raspberries, chamomile, ferns, wild violets, ox-tongue flowers, wild strawberries. Animals such as brown bears and otters and birds such as pheasants, partridges and golden eagles also live.

fandoghloo jungle

Beautiful animals of this region

The route of Ardabil city

The three-way road from Ardabil to Astara is located near the city of Namin. On this route and before reaching the city of Namin, after the CNG station in Namin, a side road enters the village of “Dodaran”. Continue on this road to reach Artatapeh village. In the village of Artatapeh , turn left at the crossroads.  And then, after about four kilometers, reach the parking of Fandoghloo Jungle.

The route of Heiran valley

If you are moving from Astara to Ardabil and about 200 meters before the Heiran tunnel, enter a side road on the right side of the road leading to the tunnel. This side road passes through the top of the tunnel and after about one kilometer reaches a crossroads where the right road connects to Ardabil road again and the left road is the way to reach the upper station of the cable car, Heiran Restaurant and then Fandoghloo Jungle.

Hiking route

For more enjoyment of the route, mountaineering groups prefer to choose routes that are more beautiful, have easy routes and a slight slope. Among these routes, the two routes of Lawton Falls to Fandoghloo Jungle and Lake Soha to Fandoghloo are better. In both directions, the hot spring of “Mash Sooi” is a stop and after that they go to Fandoghloo Jungle. If you are planning to travel to Fandoghloo Jungle, you can view and choose the cheapest prices for the forest tours in Iran Destination from the most reputable travel agencies.

Stay in the Fandoghloo Jungle

In the Fandoghloo Jungle, a small accommodation complex has been prepared for tourists. So it is possible to stay overnight. Of course, tourists can set up tents in the beautiful nature of Fandoghloo if they wish. If we have a craving for camping, we also need very warm clothes and extra blankets.

The best time to visit this Jungle

Due to its location in the highlands, the Fandoghloo  has a very cool and pleasant summer. And also a cold and humid winter. This forest is one of the cold regions of Ardabil province. So if you are tired of the hot summer weather, pack a trip to this beautiful forest. In addition, this region has two springs. One from the beginning of April to the end of June and the other from October to November. Fandoghloo Jungle has the potential to grow 100 types of flowers in these seasons, including yarrow and chamomile. Strong winds start in September and autumn is rainy and always foggy.

fandoghloo jungle

foggy weather

National Festival of Chamomile Flowers in Fandoghloo Jungle

Every year, on the 24th and 25th of June, coinciding with the International Day of Flowers and Plants, a festival called the National Chamomile Flower Festival is held in Fandoghloo. Due to the properties of chamomile flowers that have been mentioned and the widespread growth of this flower in Fandoghloo, from May to mid-July, a large number of people travel to Fandoghloo Jungle just to see and pick these flowers.

Fandoghloo National Festival

National Festival of Chamomile Flowers

Where to go after Fandoghloo Jungle?

Most of the travelers who go to Fandoghloo Jungle have their main destination in Gilan or Ardabil. Wherever your travel destination is, dozens of tourist attractions are waiting for you in every province. We have already written about the sights of Ardabil and the cities of Gilan province. So plan a trip full of memories by looking at them.