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What are the best souvenirs from Iran?

Every city in Iran has its own souvenirs while travel to Iran. Also, Iran Zamin’s most famous souvenirs, usually bought by foreign tourists, are art crafts made with the love and interest of their creators and painstakingly. Besides, just walk through one of Iran’s historic markets to face hundreds of unique souvenirs in the region.

In addition, in this article, we have provided you with a list of the best and most popular souvenirs in Iran. Souvenirs that foreign tourists usually buy on their trip to Iran and take them to their country as a memento. Follow this article, join Iran Destination.

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Iranian Hand-effacing fabrics in travel to Iran

The quality and reputation of Iran’s hand-effacing fabrics varies depending on the city you are visiting. For example, Isfahan’s pencil-carved fabrics, which produced with geometric and floral roles, are among the most famous souvenirs in Iran and have many fans among foreigners while travel to Iran.

Moreover, the embroidered peta fabrics are also special souvenirs of Kerman city, decorative fabrics made of wool, which are hand-woven and stained with natural colors. Moreover, Cashmere as you all know! This fabric, which produces it in different forms such as wallets, shoes, tablecloths and even jewelry boxes, is one of the most famous handicrafts in the historical city of Yazd. In general, these hand-knitted fabrics, colors and varnishes are among the most famous souvenirs of Iran among tourists.

Giveh in travel to Iran

Giveh is a traditional pawning in Iran that is mostly observed in mountainous regions of Zagros Mountains, including Kermanshah. Besides, the finest of these traditional shoes are usually made from a leather sole and woven wool surface. Also, because of their seams, givehs are used by locals in Zagros in the summer while ypu can see in travel to Iran.

Fortunately, young artists from western cities of Iran, by designing modern and up-to-date gifts, have again attracted the attention of young people to this material heritage of the country. Moreover, of course, foreign tourists don’t buy these shoes to kick! So, they hang these unique artworks from the walls or shelves of their home and remember the rich culture of Iran.

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Sweets, nuts and food spicesi  travel to Iran

Iran’s sweets and nuts are very famous among the world’s belly tourists! Also, many of them go to Qom to buy the best type of Sohan or to buy the highest quality gaz. Besides, Nuts and especially Iranian pistachios have many fans among foreigners. Apart from Gaz, Sohan and Pistachio, every city of Iran has its own famous sweets that have gained a great reputation among foreign and domestic tourists.

In addition, one of the most famous souvenirs of Iran is saffron or red gold. Besides, Mashhad saffron is the best saffron in the world and is exported to many countries. Moreover, Damask roses, which are mostly cultivated in Kashan, have their own foreign fans. travel to Iran

Persian Handmade Carpet travel to Iran

We all know that Persian hand-oved carpets and rugs are among the most popular souvenirs in Iran. Also, these carpets usually cost a lot, but if you are one of those who can’t afford to buy the best kind of Persian handmade carpet, you can buy something smaller and cheaper like a small yg kilim or a gabbeh. Foreign tourists usually buy small carpets or rugs so they can fit it easily in their luggage.Enamel Curry in Travel to Iran

When you travel to Isfahan, you will find out why the title of this city is half the world. Also, no wonder Iran’s most famous handicrafts have come from this city. One of the most famous souvenirs of Iran, especially Isfahan, is enamel. Moreover, Enamel works are copper containers that decorate their surface beautifully with birds or miniature flowers. travel to Iran

Furthermore, a work is usually blue, but its green and red colors are also found on the market. Besides, in Isfahan Bazaar and some other cities in Iran, you can buy pots, plates, cups and other decorative enamel supplies. Moreover, Pug is another popular Iranian product among tourists.

iran tourInlay

Khatam kari is one of the most famous wooden crafts in Iran. Also, by combining wood, metal and bone, Khatam kar artists create works that make every viewer’s eyes astounding. Moreover, these works usually include jewelry boxes, photo frames, backgammons, etc. Are beautifully decorated. Besides, foreign tourists usually buy Iranian inlay as souvenirs and gifts for their friends and family. travel to Iran

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Crockery in Travel to Iran

Tourists, when they visit the Museum of Ancient Persia in Tehran, recognize the importance and history of pottery in Iran. Moreover, upon leaving the museum, many of them ask their guide to take them to a shopping mall to buy Iranian jars! Besides, cities such as Laljin Hamedan, Meybod and Natanz are among the most famous cities in which the pottery industry is prevalent. Furthermore, Crockery is another popular souvenir in Iran. travel to Iran

Iran Crockery in Travel to Iran

Turquoise Kobi

The city of Neyshabur in northeastern Iran is not only famous for hakim Omar Khayyam, but also for the presence of the best turquoise stones in the world. The turquoises of the city’s mines are beautifully carved and used in various forms in jewelry. In addition, these turquoises are also slammed into copper containers in the form of turquoise art, creating one of Iran’s most unique souvenirs for tourists. travel to Iran

Gaz & Sohan Isfahan travel to Iran

Isfahan has been the cradle of Iranian handicrafts since the past. In this city, the art of craftsmen and artists has been transferred to the next generations through the master-discipleship style, and tourists are witnessing valuable works in the old bazaar of Isfahan.

In addition, apart from handicrafts, the city of Isfahan has special foods and confectionery that everyone who travels to Isfahan buys from them. Besides,  Gaz and Sohan isfahan are souvenirs of this province that have many fans even among tourists. Regular Gaz or Gaz Flour with different brands and excellent quality is sold in gaz shops near Najhja Jahan Square or in the Jolfa neighborhood of Isfahan. travel to Iran

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Turquoise Neyshabur

Turquoise is one of the valuable decorative stones among precious stones found only in certain parts of the world, including Iran. Also, the title turquoise and turquoise color were derived from the color of this stone and among the old painters, they obtained turquoise color from the powder of this stone, which was very expensive. Besides, Neyshabur Turquoise Stone is one of the most popular and finest turquoise in the world, which is used to make a variety of jewelry or decorative dishes. travel to Iran

Moreover, if you are looking for unshaven turquoise stones, you can buy turquoise stones from Neyshabur or Mashhad, and if you are looking for turquoise and carved negin stones, you can find it in prestigious turquoise shops throughout Iran. Besides, to distinguish Iranian turquoise from Tibetan and American turquoise, you can pay attention to the dark and rough streaks in Iranian turquoise.

Traditional Iranian Clothing

In all parts of Iran, men and women wear beautiful, handmade and colorful traditional clothes that are woven from expensive handmade fabrics of cotton, wool, linen, etc. Beautiful Turkmen clothes, riveting skirts and colorful northerners and Gilakis, tight leggings needle embroidered women in the south of our country with colorful and cool fabrics, colorful shirts of lur and Kurdish tribes of our country with beautiful headbands and scarves and …

Moreover, all of the most beautiful garments and souvenirs in Iran. Besides, many foreign tourists anywhere in Iran can wear local and traditional clothes in the same area and take beautiful photos with it. In most touristic and touristic places such as Abyaneh, Masouleh, Turkmen Sahara and elsewhere, you can even buy local Iranian clothes. travel to Iran

iranian cloth

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