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Travel to Iran Covid 19

Travel to Iran Covid 19, Last crossing of Iran’s border to foreign countries: With the spread of the virus Corona in Iran, many countries, restrictions on new on Iranian actions were in the countries such as Turkey and the UAE attempted to close the land borders and air have. Stay tuned with us to get complete information about the latest crossing of borders and issuing visas.

With the spread of the corona virus in Iran, many countries in the world imposed new restrictions on Iranians. And travelers who came to Iran for the purpose of circulation. In the meantime, neighbors attempted to close their borders with Iran and other countries also created new conditions in this case. However, in this Section take a look at the latest status of pedestrians from the Iranian border to foreign countries, status, borders, and new rules that from the other side of the different regions of the world on the Iranians, in effect, the outbreak of the virus Corona disposition can be we will be.

Travel to Iran Covid 19

It should note that the items listed base on the latest updated news.

You can also refer to the link listed in order to learn and view the flights of Imam Khomeini Airport online.

Travel to Iran Covid 19

Are foreign flights established?

Currently, foreign airlines such as qataraviz and Turkish flights carry out to many countries. And the situation of foreign flights, unlike the previous days, is not in the aura of ambiguity.

The corona test time reduce from 96 to 72 hours before the flight.

The report … to follow the decision of the Ministry of Health and the headquarters of the national fight against Corona, along having tested negative by PCR with credit ۷۲ hours ago from fly for all incoming and outgoing passengers with Origin and destination in Iran obligation was.

On the announcement of some airlines also been stressed: for all the passengers (nationals of Iran, and Foreign) that the applicant entry to Iran.

Iranian nationals who do not have a PCR test are taken from the corona Test at the entrance airports of Iran. And must stay at the designated quarantine site until the test result is announced. If the test is positive, it is necessary to stay in quarantine for 14 days. All accommodation and testing costs will also be responsible for passengers.

Travel to Iran Covid 19, How is the status of flights from Turkey to Iran?

Currently, domestic and foreign flights carry out from Istanbul to Iran.

Coercion test Corona for travelers Hormozgan

All Hormozgan passengers oblige to take a Corona test on their journey.

Resuming Iraqi flights to Iran

Iraqi Airlines announced on Saturday Najaf – Tehran and Mashhad flights resume round-trip.

Reopening the borders of Oman from 29 December

From December 29, Oman opens all its borders. In this regard the government announced new guidelines for testing kwyd 19 for people entering the country which are as follows:

Travel to Iran Covid 19, 19 cavid negative test with 72 hour validity

Perform additional testing upon arrival at Oman Airports

Pegasus announcement on travel to Turkey

According to the new Turkish regulations, from December 28, 2020 the provision of negative PCR testing up to 72 hours before the flight is mandatory. In this regard, travelers can refer to the laboratories approved by the Ministry of Health in the country. Note passengers 0 to 6 years are exempt from providing Corona testing.

Travel to Iran Covid 19
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