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Chehel Sotoun Palace in Qazvin

Chehel Sotoun Palace in Qazvin (Kolah Farangi Mansion) is one of the most beautiful monuments in Qazvin. Also, it attracts many tourists every year. Besides, this beautiful building is the flagship of Qazvin’s Azadi Square known as Sabze Meydan. Moreover, most of the tourist and very old places such as Grand Hotel, Saad al-Saltanah House, and Famous Bazaar of Qazvin located nearby and can visit with a few minutes’ walk. Today, Chehel Sotoun Palace has become the province’s calligraphy museum.

In addition, Qazvin’s Chehel Sotoun Palace is a remarkable example of the ancient history of Iran. Besides, historical stories from our past that can teach us a lot. Also, you can only visit this beautiful building. So, stay with us to continue this historic adventure.


Location of Chehel Sotoun Palace

The Chehel Sotoun Mansion in Qazvin, located in Azadi Square (Sabzeh Meydan) in Qazvin. Also, it known as the Hat of Farangi during the Safavid era and when Qazvin was the capital.

Moreover, Qazvin was the capital of Iran during the Safavid dynasty and therefore has many historical places and museums. Also, Qazvin ranks first in Iran and third in the world in terms of the number of historical monuments. Besides, one of the prominent examples of historical monuments in Qazvin province is the Safavid Palace of Chehel Sotoun Palace.

In addition, Qazvin is an easy destination to travel due to its proximity to the capital. Besides, you can travel to this historic destination on a weekend with a private car or tour of Qazvin. Also, many of which unknown and visit the unique sights of this city, including this Chehel Sotoun Palace.

Chehel Sotoun Palace

Chehel Sotoun Palace, qazvin , Iran

Historical information

Chehel Sotoun Palace is one of the most beautiful and valuable monuments in Qazvin, built during the Safavid era. Also, in 951 AH, Shah Tahmasp Safavi decided to move the capital from Tabriz to Qazvin due to ottoman Turk attacks.

In addition, Shah Tahmasp ordered the country’s chosen architects to build a square-shaped garden. Besides, among which they would build excellent mansions, halls, porches and beautiful ponds. Also, Shah Tahmasp Safavi built the building on the map of a Turkish architect with a very small checkered style that has very delicate and beautiful wooden windows.


Chehel Sotoun Architecture

Chehel Sotoon Palace with head in Ali Qapu are the only remaining buildings of the Safavid garden. Also, the garden was very large, its length extended from the street located in the north of Sabze Meydan to the rare courtyard. Besides, its width extended from the front of the post office and the telegraph to the western wall of the Melli Bank branch. So, the streets destroyed a large amount of the garden and a large part of the green square dedicated to the public walkway.

In this garden, there is a two-story (two-story) building on which four streets built. Also, South Street was longer, wider and very clean than other streets. Besides, both side of the streets surrounded by high chandeliers and covered with fruit trees all over the garden.

In addition, two ponds located in the north and south of the Chehel Sotoun Palace. Also, water was always pouring into the pond from the streams around the hat and heading from the stream in the middle of the south street to the rare courtyard.  Besides, before 1921, the mansion known as Shah Tahmasp’s Hat. So, the chehel sotoun Palace is octagon and built on two floors with an area of approximately 500 square meters.


The Map

The map of the Chehel Sotoun Palace has a design with cruciferous and extroverted axes. Also, the first floor of the building has a wide hall with four rooms with different geometry on the four sides. Besides, the building has four porches that open in the past and the airflow passed through it. Furthermore, today it closed with windows to enclose and preserve decorations.

In addition, the building built architecturally so that there was a pleasant air flowing inside it in the summer. Also, the slope of its entrance door causes the airflow to be directed to the center. Besides, Stoic with brick columns and semicircular arches surrounds this floor. Furthermore, it is with stone and the rest is brick. So, almost all of the buildings covered with paintings belonging to the Safavid and Qajar eras.

Moreover, there are 3 layers of painting on the walls of this building. Also, the first layer related to the Safavid era. Besides, the second layer related to the Safavid School and the third layer related to the Qajar period. In addition, during the Safavid era, water used in paintings and the colors gentler. Furthermore, during the Qajar era they used plant colors and the colors became a little steeper.


Chehel Sotoun Palace Decorations

Almost all the building of Chehel Sotoun Palace covered by painting, the hall is the most important and beautiful part of the building. Besides, due to the change in the use of the building during the Pahlavi era to the governorship of paintings on the walls and mogharnas of the ceiling, plaster and white damaged. Also, the plaster on the polished surface of the paintings did not stick to most of them, they protected, which has done a lot of damage to the decorations of the building.

In addition, the openings that connect the hall to the porches have arches who’s number and variety show the different periods on which the building located. Besides, the second floor building is a large hall that had 5 high springs from each side of the wide ores. Also, Chehel Sotoun Place plan is square-shaped and on its 4 sides there are four earrings (cubicles in two corners of the space located on the higher floor) which added to the building during the Qajar period.

Moreover, around the porch has brick cylindrical columns with semicircular arches added in the Qajar period. Also, Al-Lar has four kings and its dimensions are likely to have changed in subsequent repairs. Besides, the second floor covered with decorations and paintings that have nothing left but a few paintings.

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