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Travel to Iran Easily Without Being Worried About Iran  Stamp in Passport

Trump’s Travel Ban

trump's travel ban - iran passport stamp

trump’s travel ban – iran passport stamp

You are for sure aware of the world news and also Trump’s travel ban. So, many of you wishing to travel to Iran may have cancelled your trip to Iran, just because you cannot enter US with Iranian stamp.  Here, Iran Destination, Iran Travel Agency, has good news for you. Yes, you can visit Iran without your passport being stamped in Iran. Read more below:

Do they Still Stamp Passports in Iran?

Iranian authorities have decided to take some protectionist measures against Trump’s travel ban, so that world travelers can still visit Iran. Removing Iran passport stamp is to support Iran tourism against US sanctions on Iran.

Iran passport stamp new rules

Iran passport stamp new rules

Iran Entry Rules, Easier Than Ever

Ali Asghar Mounesan, head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHTO) and the Iranian vice president, announced that there will be no need to stamp foreign tourists’ passports. Proposed legislation for this measure is drafted and approved by Iran’s ministries and the head of ICHTO.

Actually as the immigration police of Iran has reported the statistics show that the number of foreign visitors to Iran had 38 percent growth in the first 4 month of the year. But there is a slight decline in European visitors and this for sure affects Iran hotels and tour operators’ functions.

travel to Iran - no worries about Iran travel ban

travel to Iran – no worries about Iran travel ban

Mounesan emphasized that by this move, tourists do not need to be worried about entering Iran because of US sanctions. So if you travel to Iran, you can simply then enter US as well, because there is no Iranian stamp in your passport.

Last year, Iran and Russia had an agreement to let tourist groups from 5 to 50 people travel without visa. So visa rules for the nationals, business people, educators, scientists and other kinds of travelers from these countries have been simplified from 2016 and is still in force.

Travel to Iran by Iran Destination , Iran Travel Agency

Travel to Iran by Iran Destination , Iran Travel Agency

So as you can see, there is no need to worry about entering Iran. Whether you are a US citizen or from any other place in the world, you can travel to Iran. And you can decide whether to have Iran passport stamp or not. Just feel relaxed, get Iran tour packages and visit Iran, this unforgettable destination.

Tour Around Iran by Iran Destination

Tour Around Iran by Iran Destination

Iran Destination, a well-known Iran travel agent, is ready to offer you any services for your trip to Iran. You can simply contact us for any issue, any request, question, suggestion, etc. This Iran travel agency is always available to answer you. You can take a look at our Iran tour packages and other pages on our website before you travel to Iran. We are waiting for you here.

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