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Boroujerdi House

Boroujerdi House is one of the historical monuments of Kashan in Isfahan Province. Also, the historic house of Boroujerdi in Kashan declared the top Unesco choice in 2015 and 2016 in terms of the popularity of the tourist attraction. Besides, Boroujerdi House is the most famous and important historical house in Iran.

In addition, it’s one of the best tourist attractions and it referred to as a symbol of traditional Iranian architecture. Moreover, in this paper, we thoroughly examine the extraordinary and unique features of Boroujerdi House.

Boroujerdi House

Boroujerdi House, Iran


Boroujerdi House located in the Sultan Mir Ahmad neighborhood.



Boroujerdi House built in the second half of the 13th century AH during the Qajar era. Also, it registered under no. 1083 in the national monuments list of the country. Besides, this house with beautiful crescent-shaped symmetric wind towers on the roof of the hall and the hat on it showcases one of the most beautiful architectural effects of Iran. Moreover, according to the inscription of the four sides of the hall, the construction built in 1292 AH.


Boroujerdi House Characteristics

The area of Boroujerdi House is 1700 m². Besides, its infrastructure is 1000 m2, including 2 exterior and androni sections, 2 main and minor entrances, hashti, corridor, courtyard, summer, winter, kitchen, indoor and large underground courtyards. Also, Boroujerdi House is on two floors and on the southern part with a 3-storey yardab.

Boroujerdi House

Iranian Art , Kashan

Story Of Boroujerdi House

The house’s valuable paintings and plasterboards have performed under the hand of Sani al-Mulk, a great Iranian painter and uncle of Kamal-ol-Molk. Besides, the owner of this house, Haj Sayyid Hasan Natanzi, was a Natanzi businessman residing in Kashan. Also, Boroujerdi House architect, Professor Ali Maryam Kashani. In addition, he is known as Boroujerdi for his many trips to Boroujerd.

Moreover, he falls in love with the daughter of Sayyid Ja’far Tabataba’i Natanzi, one of the greatest carpet traders of the time. Also, Tabataba’i makes a condition for consenting to their marriage. Besides, he lived in a very beautiful house now known as the Tabatabai House and tells Sayyid Hasan that you have to build a house like my house to marry my daughter.

Furthermore, Sayyid Hasan accepts that after seven years when the construction of the Androni courtyard ends. Also, he settles in the house and after 11 years the main hall is completed. Besides, Boroujerdi’s house is now home to the Cultural Heritage Department of Kashan.

Finally, after 18 years of the bride and groom’s life, the construction of Boroujerdi House mansion completed. Also, after more than 100 years of construction. Moreover, the mansion now referred to as a masterpiece of Iranian and Islamic architecture. Besides, the building that great figures such as Ali Maryami Kashani, Sani al-Mulk and Kamal-ol-Molk spent about two decades of their life designing and building it. Furthermore, undoubtedly they have left their prodigious genius and creativity in the place of this mansion.

Boroujerdi House

Broujerdi House , Kashan , Isfahan Province , Iran

The unique architecture

Ali Maryami Kashani, the dominant architect of the Qajar era, took over the design and construction. Also, Boroujerdi House is one of the most prominent Iranian monuments throughout which the subtleties .Besides, the characteristics of Iranian Islamic architecture seen. In addition, in the design of this huge building, the traditional Iranian design. Moreover, the role has given special importance and interior decorations have worked with considerable obsession and microstructure.

In addition, one of the most fascinating and spectacular points of Boroujerdi house is watching the art and creativity of Sani al-Mulk and Kamal-ol-Molk. Also, the paintings and plasterwork have created and performed by these two famous Iranian artists .Besides, they known as masterpieces of Iranian art in terms of aesthetic principles.

Moreover, the place of this great historical mansion, taste and original art of Iran seen .Also, it is reminiscent of the culture, civilization and glorious history of this land. Besides, the paintings of this mansion have performed in a special way using different methods and with color and watercolor.

Furthermore, at all moments of visiting Boroujerdi house, pay attention to the details and subtleties used. Also, from the moment of arrival, you will assy at all this artistic virtuosity. Besides, after going through several stairs, you would get to the main courtyard, which located in the center of a large pond. In addition, around this courtyard, there are paintings and plasterboards with fruit designs and a variety of edibles.


Different parts of the House

Boroujerdi House is composed of two parts: Androni and exterior. Furthermore, they are completely separate from each other. Besides, the entrance and head has a common hast.  Also, the building built in two floors. Also, in the southern part of the building, consists of three floors due to the existence of a series or basement.


Moreover, Boroujerdi House has three entrance doors, one door as the main door, one door for religious ceremonies and one door for the entrance and exit of guests. Besides, interestingly, this historic house has two parts: summer and winter, where the residents were living at the time of the climate change.

Furthermore, other main parts of the massive building include the vast, cold cell or basement, corridor, outdoor and indoor courtyard. Also, they located together in the most beautiful way possible.


The Difference between Boroujerdi House and Other Qajar Buildings

In Kashan, there are several other historical houses with the same main parts. In fact, these buildings are structurally very similar. Also, they differ greatly in appearance beauties. Besides, there are spaces such as shahneshin-summer and winter rooms-mirror houses- three neys-Androni and exterior courtyards-ponds-harbands and wind towers in all historical houses of Kashan. Actually, none of these houses are as beautiful and delicate as Boroujerdi Houses.

In addition, the main reputation of Tabatabai House is due to the finesse and special elegance used in its design and construction. Also, it has an originality that observed in few historical houses. Besides, the existence of inlaid art, greetings, mogharns and illuminations, yazdibandi porches.

Furthermore, the paintings on plaster has given a special effect. Also, the use of special decorations, plasterboards, paintings, mirrors, stained glass, etc. Besides, everyone and everyone has created an extraordinary view prelude to planning a fascinating and memorable journey towards Kashan.