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Do I need a visa to travel to Iran?

Do I need a visa to travel to Iran?, “What are the stages of obtaining a visa? Where should I start? How much is the cost of obtaining a visa? “Instead of these questions, let’s clear the case: that is, look for visa-free countries for Iranians and vise versa.

Do I need a visa to travel to Iran

Free travel to Iran for 7 Nationals

Tourists and nationals of seven countries can travel to Iran without a visa, just have a valid passport and not on the list of prohibited entry.

Tourists and nationals of seven countries can travel to Iran without a visa, just have a valid passport and not on the list of prohibited entry.

Reporter tourism News, etc. based on the information the police airports in the country. nationals of the countries of Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bolivia, and Egypt without a visa, need to have, etc. – even from the type of airport – can be for a time certain to Iran travel.

Cancellation or facilitation of entry visas is a diplomatic act that usually occurs with regard to the laws and conditions of countries and with respect to political and sometimes commercial exchanges.

Iran’s government do decided his policies have about the visa easier, and help. for this reason, announced his intention-at least 60 countries around the world visa cancellation will…. a claim that has never carried out a close not found.

Increase the credibility of visa airport, Iran from 14 days to a month, one of the decisions was that the MAS, head of the cultural heritage and tourism, as a member of the board of State announced, etc., coming soon, on the staff of the government approved it.

Iran now for all countries other than 10 countries, Columbia, Somalia, Britain, Canada, USA, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the possibility of issuing a visa at the airport has provided.

Iran visa

Apart from issuance of visa airport that the government of Iran the possibility of it to facilitate the travel of nationals and foreign tourists to the country has provided for. nationals of seven countries Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Yemen, Bolivia, Egypt, and Georgia can travel to Iran without a visa. valid stamp of entry to Iran to receive and for a specific period of time according to what the Iranian government, according to the agreements, diplomatic and rules made has determined, to our travel.

On this basis, citizens of the Syrian 90 days, Georgia 45 days, Bolivia, 30 days, etc., Egypt, 20 days, Lebanon and the Republic of Azerbaijan, each for 15 days without a visa, need, have, can, in Iran; and if more than this travel longer had a need to get a visa through the agents of the Ministry of State take action.

Iran canceled its visa for Azerbaijani nationals in 1388, it was a one-way policy by the Iranian government, because Iranian nationals can not travel to the country without a visa. However, the adoption of this policy has increased the entry of Azerbaijani nationals to Iran in the last two years, which are mostly for trade or treatment. According to statistics, the cultural heritage and Tourism Organization of Azerbaijan is the second largest tourist country in Iran after Iraq.

Iran visa

Although Iran and Georgia is also an agreement the two-way for the abolition of visas had, but 92 the state of Georgia about, a-way from this agreement, exited, and other times your visa for Iranians introduced. Georgia’s reason for changing its approach was “the government’s concern of expanding trade relations and Iran’s use of the country’s financial system to bypass sanctions”.

But in Iran with the government of Egypt is also the policy of the one-sided runs, and in the absence of the Nationals of the Egyptian ability to travel 20-day Iran without a visa, they are. but the Egyptian government policies so easy in the issuance of visas to Iranian nationals not in a way that now the interactions of tourism, the country is quite poor.

Also, Cancel the visa of Iran, Lebanon, is also a one-way done, but the government of this country in the year 90, announced his visa for Iranian nationals cancel it, because according to the statements of the minister of Tourism, Lebanon, the Iranians, one of the most important tourists to Lebanon to be successful. Moreover, Lebanon even made an airport for Iranians for a visa trial period, but no visa cancellation has been announced so far.

The visa waiver agreement with Bolivia was also signed in 2012 and Iran accepts Bolivian nationals without visas. This action was announced in order to expand Iran’s relations with other countries.

Will the trip be visa-free?

Yes! Sometimes countries reach agreements and as a result of these agreements “visa cancellation” occurs. Also, That is, citizens of both countries can travel without a visa. Of course, if we look a little closer, we can divide the destination countries into three main categories:

Countries where you must obtain a visa to enter them.
you can enter without visas.
Countries that allow airport visas: that is, when you enter the country of destination, by filling out a form and paying a fee, your visa is issued at the same time.
Above all, If you want to know exactly which countries do not want visas and for which countries you should prepare an airport visa, see the answer to your question here.

Iran passport rating

In addition, the following sections are removed from the official website of the Henley Institute. This institution, in fact, indexed universal passport is and shows you the passport of any country, what is rank, and, having it, to a few countries, we can no wiz or with Visa, airport trip.

For example, in the photo above, ranking the passport of Iran to enter countries without a visa.  You’ll see that 97 is, and having it can be to 41 country (or without a visa or with a visa, airport) traveled.

Visa free countries for Iranians

In this section, you can see the list of countries that can be traveled without a visa. Also, The number you see in front of each country is the number of days you can stay in that country without a visa:

Visa free countries in Asia

Armenia (90 days)
Malaysia (14 days)
Turkey (90 days)
Georgia (45 days)

Visa free countries in Oceania

Federal states of Micronesia (30 days)
Cook Islands

Visa free countries in the Caribbean

Dominica (21 days)
Haiti (90 days)

Visa-free countries on the American continent

Ecuador (90 days)
Venezuela (15 days)

Issuance of visas upon arrival

Consequently, Visas to countries listed below are issued at the airport or terminal upon arrival.

Asia airport visa

Cambodia (30 days)
Maldives (30 days)
Nepal (90 days)
Sri Lanka (30 days)
East Timor (30 days)
Azerbaijan (30 days)
Lebanon (30 days)
Syria (90 days)

Airport visas of African countries

Benin Republic
Moon archipelago
Guinea Bissau (90 days)
Kenya (90 days)
Madagascar (90 days)
Mozambique (30 days)
Seychelles (90 days)
Tanzania (90 days)
Togo (7 days)

Airport visas of the countries of Oceania

Palau (30 days)
Samoa (60 days)
Tuvalu (30 days)

Do I need a visa to travel to Iran?, Visa-free countries on the American continent

Bolivia (30 days)

Do I need a visa to travel to Iran

However, All visa-free countries for Iran can be seen in the photo above. Countries where a star is opposite their names require an airport visa and the rest do not need any visas.

Do I need a visa to travel to Iran?, Issuing a visa at the embassy

For travel to the countries, it is necessary to the embassy of that country visit.  Also, And provide necessary documents and interviews with the responsible embassy, etc. Also, tourist visa call. Usually in these cases, the necessary documents for obtaining a visa, etc. identification documents like passports and documents, career, finances, etc., plane tickets and hotel bookings.

However, If you are traveling to visit friends or relatives, you can give your residence address to the embassy in the country of destination instead of booking a hotel. The presentation of documents and interviews is to make sure that the embassy is going on a tourist or business trip and after the completion of the period of your trip to Iran. The documents you need to submit to the embassy for obtaining a visa will depend on the country you are traveling to.

For example, to get a Russian visa or a Dubai visa, it is enough to submit a plane ticket to the Russian destination and book a hotel to the embassy and a visa will be issued. But it is harder to obtain a Schengen visa and you must also provide financial and occupational qualifications.

Above all, If you do not have the time or the need for paperwork, the easiest way to obtain a visa is to go to Alibaba’s office and submit the necessary documents. Also, All the remaining work will be done by our colleagues in the fastest possible time for you.

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Another way is to go to the embassy of the country of destination yourself. And take the necessary steps to obtain a visa.

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