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The 15 best things to do in Iran in 2022

Did you make your decision and chose Iran as your travel destination? We want to tell you about the 15 best things to do in Iran in 2022 for traveling to Iran. Travel to Iran with us to get to know about it. Are you interested in experiencing that? what do you know about Iran destination tour one of the most famous Iran travel agency in shiraz and also Iran? This is great and you can be sure that the most exciting experiences will be waiting for you. In this article, we introduce all the requirements to travel to Iran. Also, the do and don’ts of traveling to Iran. Also, we answer this question: how to travel to Iran.

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Important points in outdoor recreation – The 15 best things to do in Iran 2022

There are many things to consider when choosing the right type of entertainment. How much can you spend? Where is your destination for fun? What places are you most interested in? What are the conditions of the destination you choose? What do you need to get there? And several other questions. Try to answer these questions. Then choose the perfect entertainment for you.

1. Fun in the forest

A day trip in the dense northern forests is an amazing and dreamy pastime. If you live in Tehran, traveling to the north is probably an integral part of your vacation. But we must say that you do not choose the right time for this trip. Public holidays and long vacations, when most people are heading north, are not a good time. It is better to choose a secluded time and start this fascinating journey with your family or friends. The dense forests of the north, in their unparalleled silence, revitalize you. The forests of Noor, Nowshahr, Naharkhoran in Gorgan, etc. can be suitable destinations.

2. Fun on the beach

The azure beaches of the Persian Gulf and the beautiful coast of northern Iran are one of the best places for a healthy pastime. Make a regular schedule and go on this happy and dreamy trip with your family or friends. Swimming, jet skiing, surfing, sand playing and many other fun activities are possible on these beaches.

3. Picnic, the joy of a happy period

Going on a family or friendly picnic is one of the most rewarding pastimes. You can choose forest, mountain slope, plain or by a river. Pick up the items you need and have a fun picnic. You don’t even have to make chicken or kebabs for a picnic. A simple meal or homemade fast food can make your day more enjoyable. A variety of activities such as board games or listening to music can also be done at a picnic.

4. Mountaineering

Mountaineering or mountaineering can also be a low-cost pastime. Take your backpack and get ready for a healthy and useful exercise. You do not need any special prerequisites for mountaineering. Some snacks, proper sneakers, safe people (do not do it alone) and a mountain with a steep slope are all you need.

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The 15 best things to do in Iran in 2022

5. Exciting entertainment in the mountains

The mountains are full of exciting and fascinating pastimes. You will definitely love going to a place full of snow and walking on the snow and hearing the sound of the snow melting. You can try all kinds of exciting and luxury activities such as cable cars, ski lifts, winter skiing and در in different mountains. Tochal, Darband, Safa Mountain in Isfahan and ski slopes all over the country have created such exciting facilities. A day full of adrenaline is hidden among these fascinating pastimes. Use them.

6. Caving

Caving and the pleasure of getting lost in a tortuous cave is awesome. You can consider this scary fun as a sport and discover hidden and complex caves like Fars Cave on an adventurous journey. In fact, climbers are very interested in this field. If you are also a mountaineer, try caving.

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7. riding bike

Cycling is a healthy and rewarding pastime that can be done at any time. A bicycle can accompany you to work, class, outings and picnics. Imagine going to a park one autumn evening and riding a bicycle.

8. boat riding

People who love water and roaring rivers have tried this exceptional pastime at least once. If you have not yet experienced boating, try this active sport on rivers such as Zayandehrood, Karun, Gohar, Sefidrood, Armand, Sirvan, Haraz, Cesar, and Karaj.

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9. Ski

Skiing is a sport that is done in winter. This almost luxurious sport is performed in the heights of Darband and Tochal of Tehran, Tabriz mountains, Koohrang, and many mountainous and snowy places of the country. If you do not know how to ski, do not worry. Just go to the nearest ski slope and rent the necessary equipment from there.

10. jet ski

For jet skiing, it is enough to travel to one of the coastal cities in the north or south of Iran, such as Kish. These days, most recreational beaches on the beach rent new sports and leisure equipment, such as jet skis, for a fixed period of time. A jet ski is a recreational vehicle made of a combination of motor and boat and moves on the seawater at high speed.

11. Shuttle and Banana

Shuttle and Banana are one of the most popular pastimes on hot days of the year. The name of these entertainment devices may be a little strange and you will be confused about what you are going to encounter. The shuttle and banana are a type of tube that is used individually and in groups and after its capacity is completed, it is pulled over the seawater by a fast boat and moves at a high speed.

12. Paracel

This passionate experience is both scary and enjoyable! If you go to Qeshm, Kish, Swan Motel, and Nowshahr, do not miss the pleasure of trying this special entertainment.

13. Sarein Ardabil with hot springs

Sightseeing and taking advantage of the medicinal properties of Sarein hot springs, along with the pristine and beautiful nature of this city, has made it a dream place to travel in spring. If you are planning to travel in summer, Sarein is one of the best attractive destinations for summer travel in Iran.

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14. Spring in Tehran

If you are planning to travel to Tehran for the Nowruz holidays or other days of spring, you can visit the beautiful historical places of Tehran, such as Masoudiyeh Mansion, Golestan Palace, White House or Mellat Museum, Saadabad Palace or the beautiful gardens of Tehran such as Ferdows Garden, Bird Garden, Water and Fire Park, Nahj al-Balagheh Park and other museums of this city such as Zaman Museum, Palace Museum Garden, National Museum of Iran and… Visit.

15. Kermanshah; Historic and mountainous city

If you want to go to a mountain city with a very long history, be sure to include “Kermanshah” in the list of domestic travel cities in the spring. When traveling to Kermanshah, do not forget to see the Bostan Arch, Boston inscription, Qajar period historical monuments, and museums of this city. Of course, the beautiful and mountainous nature of Kermanshah also adds to the attractions of this city.