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The best forests of Iran are located in the green areas of the Caspian Sea with pristine and wonderful areas in the north of Iran. For this reason, northern Iran has become one of the most popular destinations for travelers. Iran’s nature is famous for its unique forests, which have earned the title of green gold mines. Ecotourism in Iran is one of the four seasons of entertainment for nature lovers. Iran forests are a pleasant destination for any passerby. The forest is the best place to escape from the daily hustle and bustle and take refuge to relax. Include a trip to nature in your list of Iran tourism programs and enjoy camping in nature to the fullest. We want to introduce the most famous forests of northern Iran for a pleasant trip.

Iran forests

Travel to Iran forests – Iran forests

Although Iran is a hot, dry, desert country, but this is not a reason for not having lush forests with towering trees. Forests are very attractive because of their cool weather and their beauty and charm. It is also an opportunity for you and me, who are caught up in the daily life of the city and air pollution, albeit briefly, to get away from all this and breathe new life. You can join our team, Iran Destination, and get more acquainted with Iran forests. Iran travel agency, Iran Destination, will organize your trip to Iran. You can offer your tailor-made trip to Iran or visit our programs on the Iran tour page. You can contact to our Iranian travel agency, our agents are online to answer all your questions.

Hyrcanian forests of Mazandaran

Hyrcanian forests with ancient trees are among the oldest forests in Iran. The name of this forest is also registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.  Hyrcanian trees with a variety of 150 species of beech, boxwood, maple, oak, spruce, alder, elm, fig, lilac, hornbeam, hornbeam, yew, rainbow, lime and larch is one of the most valuable. In addition to beauty, Hyrcanian forests are of great value. In addition to colorful trees, Hyrcanian forests are a safe place for animals to live. Animals such as: wild cats, forest mice, hedgehogs, rabbits, otters, jackals, boars, leopards and wolves.

Hyrcanian forests

Hyrcanian forests

Ramsar Dalkhani Forest – Iran Forests

A four-season forest with stunning beauty. This forest is located 30 km southeast of Ramsar city in Dalikhani or Dalkhani village. Dalan Behesht is an exciting title for Dalkhani forest. The reason is the existence of the most pristine forest paths and reaching the colorful nature in every corner. Unique landscapes, diverse trees with dense forest cover, dense fog and spectacular winding paths combine to create a wonderful nature. Dalkhani is a beautiful forest for nature lovers and nature lovers in the heart of Ramsar. Also, Autumn and spring are the most beautiful seasons for camping and overnight stays in this beautiful nature.

Dalkhani Forest

Dalkhani Forest

Tonekabon Do Hezar forest

The title of the bride of nature has been given to the wonderful forest of Tonekabon. This forest with mild summers and cold winters, but spring and autumn is a pleasant destination for nature lovers. Flowing rivers, eye-catching heights, pleasant meadows, pastures and glaciers are indescribable beauties in the forest of Do Hezar Tonekabon. But its beauty does not end with its amazing nature. Also, the heights of Gerdkuh and Sialan Peak have added to its charm. Do Hezar Tonekabon forest with enchanting nature and pleasant climate will win the heart of every passerby. Also, most days of the year are full of mountaineers and nature lovers who go to the forest to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city to relax with the sound of nature.

The forest of Se Hezar Mazandaran

Se Hezar pristine forests with a collection of the most unique attractions of nature and one of the most beautiful creations of God on earth. Dreamy tranquility in favorable weather along a watery river and high meadows has multiplied the reputation of the forest. Also, Autumn and spring are the best seasons to take refuge in nature. Se Hezar camps in the heart of the forest.

Mazandaran Lajim Forest

Lajim is a mysterious forest with old trees located in Savadkuh, Mazandaran province. Also, it has a rich vegetation with a humid climate. In addition to a trip to the Lajim forest, visiting the village of Lajim is not without merit. An old village with a strong tower and fortifications and a hill that represents the residence of the rulers, is lovely and charming.

Savadkuh Raash (beech) forests

Raash is a green forest with tall trees in which the beauty of creation is displayed. Sangdeh is another name for beech forest. The age of the trees in this forest is estimated to be between 80 and 200 years, which is one of the most valuable national assets of Iran. Beech trees intertwine to create a pleasant shade for any passerby. They also make watching nature an artistic masterpiece one of the most enjoyable.

Mazandaran Enjili (Evangelical) forests

Evangelical trees are one of the rare and beautiful species. They grow only in the southern strip of the Caspian Sea and Savadkuh region and have given a special beauty to the nature of this region of Iran. Evangelical trees, 25-meter-tall trees with amazing leaves and trunks are one of the most unique you can see in this forest. Also, Valila waterfall and evangelical trees have created indescribable beauty in four seasons. The best time to visit the evangelical forests is from late May to mid-autumn for camping in nature.

Iran forests

Enjili (Evangelical) forests

Gisom Gilan forest

Gisom forest is located 18 km from Talesh to Anzali road and Pareh Sar area of ​​Gilan and is one of the famous forests of Iran. This forest with an area of ​​80 hectares and a variety of plant and special species, has created an exciting landscape in dreamy paths with intertwined trees. Road lovers go to the forest on bicycles and in private cars to reach the sea. Also, Gisom is a forest equipped for daily tourists. Also, it has several facilities such as: beach, hotel, children’s play equipment, hiking trails, daily picnic areas, natural museum of flowers and plants, suitable place for sports and natural camp. These facilities make travel easier for nature lovers.

Gisom forest

Gisom forest

Naharkhoran Forest Park – Iran forests

Naharkhoran Forest Park near the city of Gorgan is one of the most famous Iran forests. Also, the variety of plants in this forest has shown endless beauty. Autumn, the king of the seasons, mysteriously multiplies the beauties of the Naharkhoran Forest Park, which shine among the forests of northern Iran. Also, to stay in the beauties of the forest, camps and forest huts are the best choice to have a quiet night in the heart of nature.

Iran forests

Naharkhoran Forest Park