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Top 13 Things to Do in Iran

Planning to Travel to Iran? Wondering what are the fun things you have to experience in Iran? Read the following article written by Iran Destination, Iran Tour Operator and you’ll get top 13 fun things to do in Iran.

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Well, if you want to travel to Iran in two weeks or less, you may choose to visit the main cities of Iran: Tehran, Shiraz, and Isfahan. Let’s see the fun things to do in Iran:

Tehran, The Capital of Iran

  1. When the sun sets, Visit the Nature Bridge

Tabiat Bridge (Tehran) - things to do in Iran

Tabiat Bridge (Tehran) – Things to do in Iran

The Nature Bridge, or called as Tabiat Bridge by Iranians, is an award winning bridge, designed by a female young architect. In the evening, there is a great atmosphere on this bridge. You can enjoy watching mountains in the north, when there is still daylight, and you can enjoy the city lights in the far, when the sun sets.

  1. Visit Golestan Palace to feel like royalty

Tehran-Golestan Palace

Tehran-Golestan Palace-Things to do in Iran

Anyone who visits Tehran must go to the Golestan Palace for sure. This has been a royal Qajar complex with great architectural design and it is registered on UNESCO world heritage lists. Popular buildings in this complex are Talar-e Aineh (meaning hall of mrrors) and Emarat-e Badgir (meaning the wind catchers building).  So don’t forget to visit this attraction in Tehran.

  1. Try Sour Fruits and Shisha in Darband

Darband is a little village in the north of Tehran. Most people choose to spend time together in weekends. Darband is the gateway to Mount Tochal, but this is not just for hikers. You can find many different restaurants serving special meals and you can also try sour fruit delicacies, Shisha, Persian tea, etc.

Things to do in Iran- Darband

Things to do in Iran- Darband

  1. Have a meal in Moslem Restaurant in Tehran Grand Bazaar

While visiting Grand Bazaar of Tehran, be sure to have a meal in the famous Moslem Restaurant. This restaurant is always busy, so don’t be shocked at the first sight. You can try famous foods like Tahchin, which is saffron rice with chicken, and a large range of Kebabs, the lamb Shishlik.


Moslem restaurant-things to do in iran

Moslem restaurant-things to do in iran


  1. Watch the light and color play in the Pink Mosque

The Pink mosque, which is also called Nasir al Molk Mosque, is so famous that there is no need to introduce it to you. Just as a reminder, you will get the most beautiful photos you’ve ever had in a mosque. So don’t forget to visit this mosque during the day before noon!


Things to do in Iran

  1. Roam around Vakil Bazaar

Vakil bazaar is one of those places you can find a huge variety of unique handicrafts, Persian rugs, Persian spices and it is a good place to buy different souvenirs.  The prices are also good, so you can shop without any worries.

vakil bazaar Things to do in Iran

vakil bazaar saraye moshir, shiraz,

  1. Don’t forget to try Faloodeh

Faloodeh is one of Iranian deserts mostly famous in Shiraz. This is in fact frozen vermicelli noodels with rose water and sugar syrup. You can try it at the famous ice cream shop behind the great Arg-e Karim Khan in Shiraz.

Things to do in Iran

Things to do in Iran

  1. Enjoy the romantic atmosphere of famous poets’ tombs

Shiraz is also known as the city of literature and poets. Don’t forget to visit the tomb of great poems, Hafez and Saadi, the two Persian beloved poets. You can also try Fal-e Hafez, which is reading one o Hafez’s poems by chance as a sign of your emotional and spiritual mood.

Visit Mausoleum of Hafez, the Persian Poet in Shiraz - Destination Iran

Hafez Tomb

  1. The magnificent Persepolis

This is a must in everyone’s trip to Iran. Some people believe if you don’t visit Persepolis, you have not visited Iran at all! This great site, registered on UNESCO world heritage list, belongs to 2500 years ago and was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire.


Things to do in Iran- Persepolis

visiting Persepolis during Iran Historical Tours


  1. Explore the attractions of Naqsh-e Jahan Square

You can take great photos in Naqsh-e Jahan Square which is also called Imam Square or Shah Square. this is also registered on UNESCO world heritage list. In the south of this square, there can be seen the Shah Mosque, and in the west you can visit Ali Qapu Palace, don’t forget to visit inside Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque which is located in the east and on the north you can enter the Grand Bazaar to buy handicrafts and sweets.

Things to do in Iran

  1. Visit the bridges at night

The famous bridges of Isfahan, Si-o-Seh Pol and Khaju Bridge, have greater view during nights. If you are visiting Isfahan in spring, you can enjoy the water of Zayande Rood. But during hot seasons, the river is dry.

things to do in iran

siosepol bridge

  1. Walk in Jolfa street, the Armanian Quarter

This quarter in Isfahan is completely different from other streets and the major attraction in this neighborhood is the magnificent Vank Cathedral. There are great frescoes covering the interior part of Vank Cathedral. After visiting this church, you can enjoy a coffee or dessert in one of the various cafés there.



  1. Sleep Under the Stars, Looking at the Milky Road

Varzaneh desert is 1.5 hour away from Isfahan, but it is worth camping in this great desert overnight, under the stars and get lost in their beauty. Most Iranians nowadays choose this place for desert party. So in case you are into party, you can enjoy it.

things to do

Varzaneh desert

There are a lot you can do in Iran. but here, just as a sample, Iran Destination suggested you 13 top things to do in Iran. our Iran Tour and Travel Agency can offer you any Iran Tour and you can have all these fun things in our Iran Package Tours. so just pay a visit at our Iran Tourism Packages and see whether you are interested in them or not. you can also customize a tour as you wish in our customize tours.

In case you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to contact us whether through online chat or by contact us form.

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