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Persian Carpet Museum

The Tehran Carpet Museum is located on the north side of Laleh Park and in front of the Fatemeh Sepah store. The museum was opened on February 7, 2009. The carpet museum building in Iran has a remarkable architecture with exterior decorations resembling carpets.

The museum’s display area covers an area of ​​2 square meters, consisting of two halls and is used for displaying various types of hand-woven carpets and carpets. Research on the records, developments, and historical quality of carpet art and industry, especially in Iran, is one of the museum’s goals in collecting and purchasing samples of Iranian carpets and organizing temporary exhibitions of carpets in Iran and elsewhere in the world.

Persian Carpet Museum , Tehran

Featuring a unique Persian handmade rug, the carpet weave of Kashan, measuring 130 by 220 cm, is known as the Mirza Kuchak Khan Jungle Rug, which features this national cleric in military uniform armed with a rifle and a rifle. shows. Above the picture of Mirza, there is an inscription with the name and name of the factory which probably refers to the term carpets in the late Qajar period.

Persian Carpet Museum , Iran Destination

The oldest known carpet in the world is the 2500-year-old Pazirik rug that was discovered in 1949 in southern Siberia and has been termed the Iranian fabric of the Achaemenid period. It is obvious that carpet weaving in Iran existed in the Achaemenid period and in the fifth century BC, it has undergone a long period of evolution.

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