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Retirement travel plan to Iran

Tourism industry as a sustainable income can transform the country’s economy by travel to Iran, but the lack of advertising and proper access to information for foreign tourists has prevented the growth and prosperity of the country’s tourism, what are the questions and uncertainties of foreign tourists traveling to Iran?

The tourism industry is known as one of the highest-paid industries in the world, and some countries, such as Turkey, view the industry as a strategic income and focus on attracting maximum tourists. But focusing too much on the industry and becoming dependent on the national economy can also have disadvantages, which was more evident during the Corona era. travel to Iran

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Travel to Iran

The existence of these disadvantages cannot be a reason for the disregard and lack of focus for investment in the tourism economy. The coronavirus outbreak will sooner or later decline and the world will return to normal. After that, the thirst for travel among the people increases and the competition to attract tourists increases. What is the country’s macro program, especially the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, for this competition in this space?!travel to Iran

Perhaps the only positive action that has been taken in this regard is the use of the potential of tourism infusors to introduce the country’s tourist attractions and potentials to the world, and most of these tasks have been carried out by the private sector. The private sector is forced to attract these tourists so that its audience accepts the problems caused by paperwork traveling to Iran and makes the trip. On the other hand, considering the enemies’ plans and investments to base Iran’s plans and plans, it becomes more difficult to attract tourists. But there are brave tourist leader who are in trouble and troubled by this trip, but instead receive a valuable price from this memorable journey, which they themselves promote for future trips.

Even foreign tourists try new types of travel that the Iranian people themselves are unaware of their potential inside the country and are leading the way in this regard!travel to Iran

travel to iran

What are the properties of travel to Iran?

One of these tourist attractions is accompanying nomadic migration, which has been possible in Iran and has never been properly viewed as a tourist attraction. Now a tourism influenza travels from Europe to Iran and displays such potential for global tourists!


This foreign tourist shares his memorable travel experiences with his audience and answers their questions and ambiguities to travel to Iran.

Perhaps there are few ordinary tourists in Iran who know that such a possibility of tourism exists in the country and annually applicants from abroad travel to Iran for this memorable trip. One of these foreign tourists, as a tourist infusioner, who happens to have a large audience, has shared his travel experience to Iran and answered the questions and ambiguities of some of his audiences to travel to Iran.


Questions of tourists about travel to Iran

Most of the questions from foreign tourists traveling to Iran are the nature of how, and this shows that foreign target groups know less about the extensive activities of the private sector in Iran and in the form of such tours! Again, this shows the weakness of propaganda and planning by the institutions responsible for identifying Iran in the world.


But when a private company can do its job properly, influenzars can introduce their audience to these tours and travel agencies so that the same problem of how to travel for foreign tourists can be addressed.

The cultural coordinates of the hosts of these trips are also of great importance to foreign tourists. Given that the Western media has made constructive moves toward Iran-phobia and Hollywood contentmakers have presented an unrealistic picture of Iran’s cultural relations, neutralizing these views requires a lot of time and money, partly neutralized by these influentials, as people in Western countries have also been informed about media propaganda against Iran and are interested in the facts. from unofficial sources of hearing. For this reason, one of the main questions of this foreign tourist is about his relationship with the family with whom he traveled, and the intimate explanations of this influenza offer a new look to foreign tourists. travel to Iran

Is food cheap in iran?

Food tourism

The opinions of Tourists about travel to Iran

The fact that Eva ZhuBeck, as a tourist, is interested in coming back to Iran and seeing this family or that the family has invited her to their son’s wedding is a sign of the establishment of a cultural connection between the nations that Iran has a great advantage in this relationship due to its hospitable background.

Other questions and uncertainties go back to the issue of how to enter Iran and the visa process, which of course is not currently issued due to restrictions during the Corona era, but over time and with normalization of conditions, this will be possible and the definition of the same process also requires extensive advertising in the target countries so that applicants to enter Iran know correctly what channels to get a tourist visa. take action. travel to Iran

Of course, the rules in this regard should also be facilitated so that tourists can travel to Iran easily. When asked how he traveled to Iran, he was able to use a journalist visa to Iran, given that he intended to make a film about Koch.


Tourists’ Review

When we review the travel experiences of this tourist, it shows that despite the hardships and hardships of the trip, they have been willing to do so. Therefore, the requirements for attracting travel are not merely luxury hotels and 5 stars or luxury accommodation and transportation facilities, although they are also part of the facilities for attracting foreign tourists, but the current conditions and potential of the country are very attracting. When asked about the hardships of travel, influenza speaks of situations that few Iranian tourists are willing to tolerate. travel to Iran


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