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Islamic art museum of Iran

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About the Islamic art museum of Iran

In the National Museum of Iran, there are two buildings to display the objects of the museum: the museum related to the objects of the pre-Islamic period (Museum of Ancient Iran) and the post-Islamic period (Museum of the Islamic Era). In this article, we introduce the museum of the Islamic era and its objects, which includes the two categories of Iranian arts and Iranian architecture, and is related to the period after the Arab invasion and the conversion of Iranians to Islam.

The Museum of Archeology and Islamic Art of Iran or in short the Museum of the Islamic Era houses one of the most important treasures left from this time and together with the Museum of Ancient Iran, forms the large collection of the National Museum of Iran. In this museum, you can enjoy viewing the works of the Islamic era from the beginning of Islam to the end of the Qajar period, displayed in 6 halls. The building of the Islamic era museum was inspired by the Sassanid palace of Bishapur; It has a cruciform and octagonal design, and in an area of ​​4000 square meters, it contains the works of different Islamic periods. This museum has 4 floors where the display of objects starts on the second floor and ends on the first floor. The ground floor is dedicated to the meeting hall and the temporary exhibition hall.

Islamic art museum of Iran

Introducing the Museum of the Islamic Era of Iran

This museum introduces you to objects belonging to the Islamic era, from the 7th century AD to the present day. Although this building was built for other purposes before the Iranian revolution of 1357, the National Museum of Iran reopened it as a place to display post-Islamic Iranian arts in Iran in 1375. Since the objects in the Museum of the Islamic Era are arranged in chronological order to represent art and architecture in different historical periods after Islam, it is better to go up two floors to start your visit from the older times and to the contemporary time.

National Museum

Iran museum

The second floor of the museum

On the second floor, the influence of the Sassanids on the artistic achievements after Islam can be seen dramatically. Manuscripts of the Quran are the main works left from this period, which are displayed on this floor as the basic material. These Qurans are mostly written in Kufic script and on parchment paper. Clay dishes decorated with different patterns, both glazed and unglazed, are also displayed in this section. Sasanian-style metal objects, Arab-Sasanian silver coins, gold coins, etc., are introduced here. Also, fabrics made of different materials such as silk are displayed in this section.

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General introduction of the museum objects of the Islamic era

In general, when you visit different showcases in this museum, you will see these objects:

Lighting devices:

Candlesticks and oil lamps made of glass, brass, pottery, ceramics, and stone are displayed.

Carpets and fabrics:

Different materials used for fabric and different methods to create works of art on fabrics and carpets, grave covers, ceremonial shirts with special prayers written in a special calligraphy style are on display.

Iran Jewelry Museum

Carpet Museum of Iran

Astrological tools and zodiac signs:

Brass and bronze astrolabes, manuscripts, books, spheres, oil paintings, and miniatures with topics in this field have been displayed.


Plates, dishes, jars, bowls, oil lamps, and bottles of various shapes are on display.

Glass and medical instruments:

Glass blowers, test tubes, test bowls, test bottles, perfumes, flasks, water sprinklers, lamps, rhytons, manuscripts, etc. are on display.


swords, bowls, jars, dishes, braziers, large pots, pitchers, armbands, bracelets, mirrors and their frames, water pipes, candlesticks, glasses, basins, mortars, mortars, boxes Pens, knives, boxes, lamps, trays, and ladles made with different techniques and metals, etc., are on display.

lacquer painting and writing tools:

Pen boxes, inkwells, writing utensils, mirror frames, make-up boxes, manuscripts, etc. are on display.

Do not miss visiting the Museum of the Islamic Era

In the Museum of the Islamic Era, which is part of the National Museum of Iran, you will find many amazing objects that can well describe the expertise and interests of Iranians in various arts throughout history.

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