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Chahkooh Valley

Chahkooh Valley is the name of a vally in one of the most beautiful islands in Iran, Qeshm, which is now known not only in Iran but also in the world due to its strange and unique appearance. the resulting millions of years of natural phenomena and factors is normal and when to look at it, you can see it seems that to another planet you’ve traveled.

It is located in the heart of Qeshm Island. In the heart of a Rocky Mountain, a crack cut in the form of crosses has created a tightness that in the past days was considered a sacred place. On the one hand, nature has made the body and inner surfaces of the valley in the form of arches, rigs and corridors, and on the other hand, humans have drilled several wells in the valley bed. These wells have been one of the most important sources of fresh water supply for this part of the island, especially in dry and dehydrated years. The cut rivers in the eastern parts of the Strait. There are not known when they build (such as wells), water from the gaps and high points to the Wells guide.

chahkooh valleyAbout Qeshm chahkooh Valley

Chahkooh vally located on the beautiful island of Qeshm. It considered as one of the Seven Wonders in 70 km from Qeshm Island. To go to the island of Qeshm, which is one of the tropics of Iran, it is better to know the climate of the island. If you like in the spring and summer to the island to go. It is better in the flow of that radiation, sunlight, warmth, high, very annoyingly is such a heat in any where in the country, the experience will not. But in the autumn and winter seasons where Qeshm is more air-conditioned, a good trip will be waiting for you.

Structure and history of Qeshm chahkooh

Qeshm chahkooh vally has rocks and statues that have been created naturally and surprisingly based on the erosion of sedimentary rocks in the mountain. Historically, also Cave kahak as the Sacred Valley,chahkooh is famous for; or if the reason for this holiness will want to know, you must go to the distant past back, because the ancients, water to the valley, the very Bible knew, and for the healing of disease, their they used.

The well of the mountain was widespread at the beginning. And the height of its walls was also high, so the valley of light was slightly shined and the same caused to be reduced from its width and difficult to pass through it. There are also shallow holes on the floor of this valley, which is the place of storage of running water. As you go from the north to the south, the valley is wider and the slope increases. And the ends in the form of English accordingly and the path becomes very impassable.

chahkooh valleyDifferent parts of Qeshm chahkooh valley

The beauty of the chahkooh valley is due to the high vertical walls along with erosion lines and spherical and elliptical holes. These places that to date, Less introduced, the number of visitors also less than other places is only those tourists to this gorge trip, have to nature, the great interest they have and want more in the heart of nature are also suitable, the ones that cliff, rolling, or are of particular interest to the profession have, because the most correct address for rock climbing, right here. As soon as you reach the entrance of the valley. You will see a natural statue that known as the (three-headed Guardian). Then it reached the four wells where the freshwater reserve inhabited.

Little by little you get into a wider Valley that you’ll be in the midst of tall walls. Every step you take in the chahkooh Strait will see amazing shapes like erosion lines, a variety of semicircular and elliptical holes. The chahkooh Valley, which has four faces and walls that have reached together. Free Stone chahkooh of sedimentary rocks with limestone, which is the Zagros Mountains related and are very artistic and creative millions of colors and designs in the cave kahak there.

Interestingly, the chahkooh valley has always been the most important source of fresh water for the island and the countryside since the earlier centuries. In this area, you will see plants that grow mostly in the form of trees.  Shrubs scattered according to desert and tropical climates. The wells in this strait have caused 16 animal species.  Many birds to come to this area for life, which is one of the most valuable species, gazelle.

Qeshm chahkooh valley recreation

hobbies as you can in the cave kahak in mind, etc. Related to photography that can Moment moment this track in your camera will record, and can also rock climbing for. Of course, if in the field, enough skill you have with the relevant authorities coordinate.  Get to the place impassable gone and seeing all this beauty in a lump sum, enjoy. Be sure to keep in mind that this place is not suitable for the disabled and the disabled.

Facilities in Qeshm chahkooh valley

Facilities in the chahkooh valley are also: restroom, hypermarket, Eco-lodge, restaurant in the village of chahui East. Then when you get to the beginning of the gorge. You will see the Park Place for the car, the Sentry kiosk, the bench, the trash, the craft store and the souvenir. But there are no facilities within the gorge, even mobile does not give antennas, so just enjoy nature.

Visiting hours and entrance fee to Qeshm chahkooh valley

To go to the cave kahak all day can 8 morning 5 age. And duration of time proposed for the visit from this location approximately 3 hours and the cost for entry will receive.

How to go to the chahkooh valley?

To reach this enchanting attraction, you must enter the Western Road from dargahan square. After 20 kilometers, you will have to choose a direct path.  11 kilometers after and reaching a field, you must enter the first right road. After 39 km before you reach East chahui village. You must enter the left path and after about 2 km you will see the chahukooh Strait. The way to the chahkooh valley completely asphalted and only two kilometers from the end of it is dirt.

Sights close to the chahkooh valley

Distance from chahkooh valley to mangrove forest: 20 minutes
chahkooh valley to Qeshm Valley: 1 hour
Distance from chahkooh valley to saltcoon Cave: 1 hour
from chahkooh valley to cute islands: 1 hour

Accommodation close to chahkooh

Canvas residences
Camping where you can spend a dream and a different night.