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Today, the tourism industry plays an important role in the world economy as well as the interaction of countries with each other. Of course, this industry has a lot of work and development that also needs infrastructure. Architecture is one of the factors affecting the tourism industry. These days, a branch called architectural tourism has been formed. Join Iran Destination and get acquainted with Iranian architecture.

Iranian architecture

What is architectural tourism?

According to statistics, more than 10% of national production in the world is related to the tourism industry. An industry that, in addition to creating a sustainable economy and jobs, also protects cultural and environmental values. This is while the tourism industry is a nascent concept. Historic buildings and archeological sites are one of the effective factors in attracting tourists. In addition, different architectural styles are attractive to many tourists. Architectural tourism also revolves around historical monuments and old and new architectural styles. In addition to providing tourism infrastructure, architecture also plays an essential role in tourist attractions. In fact, many tourists travel to see important historical monuments. Therefore, tourism architecture has the role of providing both infrastructure and historical cultural attractions.

Iranian architectural tourism

It is interesting that although Iran is one of the 10 prominent countries in terms of historical monuments, but the tourism architecture is less known and even unknown. On the other hand, unlike our original and ancient architecture, our modern architecture does not have a known identity. Iranian civilization in the past has always been a pioneer in the field of architecture. It is expected that our modern architecture, with its rich history, will play a more prominent role in the country’s tourism architecture. So what is necessary today is to be inspired by the original Iranian architecture, in line with the architecture of the world today. Perhaps the only modern architectural structure that has become a popular tourist attraction today is the Tabiat Bridge in Tehran.

iranian architecture

Tabiat Bridge

The role of Iranian architecture in tourism development

Iranian architecture, both before and after the advent of Islam, is one of the most significant and amazing architectures in the world. The potentials of Iranian architecture in the field of tourism and tourism are not hidden from anyone. Iran is famous as a country of four seasons, with different architectural styles everywhere. And finally, to meet the needs of its residents in the form of a beautiful and useful building. Centuries later, it is still attractive for tourists to see these buildings. The breadth and fame of Iranian architecture is such that it has been written in many foreign sources. The dome of Soltanieh Zanjan is one of the largest and most massive brick buildings in the world. The source of inspiration for this building is an important building such as the great dome of Florence. This shows the influence of Iranian architecture on Europe.

Take a closer look at Iranian architectural tourism

Architecture is for the needs of society. But from the point of view of tourism, architecture has two important and key roles, which are necessity and attraction. It requires a subset and a branch of the tourism industry. While attraction is a part of cultural and social attractions. There are different categories for architectural and artistic attractions. The results of many researches show that architecture plays an essential role among the tourist attractions of Iran. Most of the tourists come to Iran to see the architectural works. Iranian architecture was formed in the most difficult conditions, but with the taste and ingenuity of Iranian architects. Seeing a lush garden among the dry and waterless desert such as Fin Garden in Kashan, Prince Mahan Garden of Kerman, Golshan Tabas Garden and the like is definitely attractive for foreign tourists.

Visiting the beauties of Iranian architecture

Therefore, it is necessary to develop a written plan for foreign tourists to visit. In which to visit the cities of Iran in a specific way. Also, the hosting conditions should be such that tourists travel again for the second and third time. You can join our team, Iran Destination, and get more acquainted with Iranian Architecture. Iran travel agency, Iran Destination, will organize your trip to Iran. You can offer your tailor-made trip to Iran or visit our programs on the Iran tour page. You can contact to our Iranian travel agency, our agents are online to answer all your questions.

Some of the most attractive Iranian architectures for foreign tourists

Imam Mosque in Isfahan

Imam Mosque is one of the most magnificent mosques in Iran that shows the art of Islamic architecture in Isfahan. The turquoise dome of this mosque shines like a jewel on a city ring. Countless innovations have been used in the design and construction of this monument. All of them express the taste and ingenuity of Iranian architects. This mosque is located in Naghsh Jahan Square. It is also part of the World Heritage Site of Naghsh Jahan Square.

iranian architecture

Imam Mosque

Ali Qapu Isfahan

Ali Qapu mansion is also located in Naghsh Jahan square of Isfahan. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The engravings of this building, its music room, which is famous and special. And of course, the unique view of Naqshe Jahan Square has made tribute tourists pay special attention to this mansion.

 iranian architecture

Ali Qapu

Nasir Al-Molk Mosque or Shiraz Pink Mosque

No trip to Iran is complete without a tour of the Nasir al-Molk Mosque in Shiraz. Nasir Al-Molk Mosque is famous as a place of light and color. Where it is famous for its colored glass. And it provides visitors with amazing and different lighting. In the tiling of this building, a light pink color has been used. Which has doubled its uniqueness. And has even been dubbed the “Pink Mosque“. A nickname that is especially common among foreign tourists.

Pink Mosque

Nasir Al-Molk Mosque or Shiraz Pink Mosque

Golestan Palace, Tehran

Since this palace is located in the old part of Tehran, it reminds the atmosphere of the capital in the distant years. Walking in this palace, it is as if you have traveled to another corner of history. The name of this building also appears in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The architecture and decorations of Golestan Palace have attracted the attention of many people. And the tiles of the collection are unparalleled in the world.

Golestan palace

Golestan palace


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