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Cheap flights to Iran

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Flights to Iran for Iran travel

Once known as Persia, Iran (IR) beckons hundreds of visitors every year from across the globe to enjoy its history, culture, cuisine and outdoors. Besides, book cheap Iran flights on Iran Destination! Also,  Iran share borders with Afghanistan and Pakistan on the east, the Persian Gulf and on the south, and Turkey and Iraq on the west. Iran Travel

In addition, Tehran, the capital city is the ultimate place to start your Iran expedition. Besides, here visit the Treasury of the National Jewels, National Museum of Iran, Mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini and the Golestan Palace. Moreover, take a trip to the Dizin Ski Resort and engage in various snow sports, explore its many exotic markets, and dine traditionally. Iran’s other beautiful cities include Isfahan, the historic Kashan, Qom, one of the holiest cities in the Middle East and Tabriz, claimed by many as the site of the Biblical “Garden of Eden”. Save more while booking cheap flight to Iran on Iran Destination. Iran Travel

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In Iran, nature lover and outdoor enthusiast may also love a trip to Susa, home to the beautiful Mt. Koyama and to Qeshm Island. Besides, beach lovers must not miss a visit to Kish Island, filled with amazing sights like the Kish Dolphin Park, Mysteries of the World Zoo, the Ancient Town of Harireh and Underground Town of Cariz. Moreover, in Kish Island, you can also lounge in its beautiful beaches, go scuba diving, enjoy Jet-skiing, sailing, fishing, parasailing and reef walking. Grab cheap flight to Iran on Iran Destination. Iran Travel

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Iran is an Islamic republic located on the Persian Gulf. Also, it is an ancient land known for its picturesque beauty and cultural heritage. Besides, history buffs look for cheap flights to Iran to explore its various historical sites dating to the Persian Empire. In addiyion, the country boasts glorious architecture spanning several centuries, scores of mosques, tombs, gardens, palaces, and bridges.

Moreover, in Iran, there are multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites, namely Armenian Monastic Ensembles of Iran, Golestan Palace, Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex, Shahr-i Sokhta, Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System, Sheikh Safi al-din Khanegah and Shrine Ensemble, Takht-e Soleyman, Tchogha Zanbil, and many more. Iran Travel

Furthermore, history freaks in the country can explore historic cities of Bisotun, Pasargadae, Yazd, Shiraz, Persepolis, Mashhad, and Soltaniyeh. Iran features a plethora of natural wonders and boasts distinctive scenic landscapes. Besides, Iran is home to several cultural institutions and hosts popular festivals such as Fajr International Music Festival, Tehran Contemporary Music Festival, Nowruz (Persian New Year), Chaharshanbe Suri (Persian Festival of Fire), Kashan Rose Water Festival, Mehregarn, and Yalda Festival.

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Top Airlines Offering Flights to Iran Iran Travel

Qatar Airways



Turkish Airlines

Pegasus Airlines


China Southern Airlines

United Airlines


How to get Cheap Flights to Iran?

There are several hacks through which you can avail discounts on flights to Iran. Also, buying through OTAs such as Iran Destination can help you get Iran flights promo codes, using which, can get discounts on your plane tickets. Besides, you can also subscribe to Iran Destination’s newsletter to get frequent updates on travel deals. Travelers are suggested to book Iran flight tickets in advance to avoid paying more at the last minute.


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Best Time to Visit Iran

Weather-wise, the best time to take Iran flights is during spring (from March to May) and autumn (from September and October). Also, for those who can bear cold weather and are looking for economical flights, November is the perfect time to visit, for which plenty of Iran flight deals are easily available.

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