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Visit Our Iran: Discover and Book Amazing Tours

The most important things you need when traveling to visit Iran can be read on this page. We have tried to respond to your most important mental concerns and the most vital information you need.

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Security in visit Iran

Contrary to the negative publicity of some Western media, Iran is a safe country and does not pose a threat to citizens and tourists. In recent years, despite the rise of terrorist groups such as ISIS and the Taliban in the Middle East and some of their attacks in the heart of Europe, Iran has been immune from such anti-human rights acts and has become known as the safe island of the Middle East. Despite the relative insecurity that prevails in the world, not a single widespread terrorist incident has been reported in the country.

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Staying in visit Iran

It is common in Tourist cities of Iran that natives rent their homes to travelers. This type of residence permit may cause problems with accident insurance. Therefore, stay in places that operate under the supervision of the Tourism Organization of Iran. Licensed hotels, guesthouses and local homes are among the approved locations. If you’re traveling with a tour, trust your tour guide on accommodation.


Internet in visit Iran

Contrary to the negative publicity of some Western media, there is internet in Iran almost everywhere (except the depths of caves and mountains) and it is very simple to access. As soon as you get off your plane, get to the mobile SIM card sales center and buy a SIM card at a very reasonable cost (less than $15). As soon as you enable a SIM card, you will be provided with high-speed Internet access and you can connect with family and friends with audio and video applications. It is necessary to have a passport to buy a tourist SIM card visit Iran

Iran’s Money System

You can use euros, pounds or dollars to pay for major travel expenses such as your accommodation fare or taxi that is supposed to take you from airport to hotel. But for more detailed expenses, you need to convert your money into Iranian banknotes. At Iran’s international airports, there are exchanges for money conversions. Hotels also have the possibility. Reputable exchanges are also active in all major cities of Iran that you can use their services. For more information about Iranian money and travel expenses to Iran, you can read here.

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Cultural Taboos in visit Iran

Staring at people, especially Iranian women, kissing and embracing non-homosexuals in public places is not in line with Iranian public culture. The pioneering of men in losing to Iranian women is also against etiquette. In Iran’s regulations, such cases are not very favorable. When photographing cultural perspectives, especially if the subject is an Iranian citizen, it is better to get permission. Like many people around the world, Iranians like to respect their privacy. visit Iran

travel to iranTipping Law in Iran

In Iranian law, it is not compulsory to tip a waitress or someone who takes your bar to your room at a hotel. They are paid by their employer in return for the services they provide. Of course, you can tip optionally. This is different from people who are supposed to provide you with special services, such as carrying your bags and belongings along the trekking route. A 5,000 or 10,000 Tomans bill is a good amount to tip.


Public Beliefs and Beliefs in  visit Iran

In Iranian culture, mosques, shrines and imamzads are respectable, and visiting them, like all other religious places around the world, requires respectful and modest treatment. At noon and after sunset due to congregational prayers, it is not possible for tourists to visit some large mosques. After congregational prayer, which lasts a few minutes, visiting is not an obstacle.


Type of coating in visit Iran

In Iran’s regulations, women wear hijab. However, the Iranian hijab is significantly different from what is applied in some countries and is diverse and colorful. Any type of clothing that is not so thin and covers the hands, feet and hair of the head is considered an example of Iranian hijab and there are no restrictions in terms of choosing the color and design of the dress. This level of hijab is enough for tourism in Iran. In other words, in Iran, the hijab is not treated extremely and you will find this by watching the coverage of Iranian citizens. visit Iran

Iran’s laws on visiting religious attractions

According to Iranian regulations, female tourists must use a special cover called “chador” to visit certain religious attractions in Iran (Imam Reza Shrine in Mashhad, Hazrat Masumeh Shrine in Qom, Shahcheragh Shrine in Shiraz, etc.). At these attractions, the tent is available for free to visitors. The Iranian tent consists of a colorful and colorful piece of cloth that is placed on the head. The use of this cover is rooted in cultural and religious beliefs and is considered a form of respect for that attraction. Male tourists do not need to use tents. However, they should use the conventional coating of Iranian men (shirts and pants). visit Iran


Laws relating to alcoholic beverages and drugs

In Iranian law, the transportation and use of alcoholic beverages and drugs, including marijuana, is prohibited in public places, and there is no center that officially serves alcoholic beverages to its customers. However, in Iran, as in many countries, smuggling and underground distribution of banned substances and liquor is a significant social harm.

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Halal Food in visit Iran

According to Iranian regulations, only halal food is provided in this country. Halal food is not prepared and served with alcoholic beverages. A livestock whose meat is supposed to be used to cook food is slaughtered in a special way. Also, meat of some animals such as pigs, dogs, rats, etc. Because they are not halal, they are not used in visit Iran.


Paying attention to price tags in visit Iran

Most Iranians are conscientious and ethical people and are fair in dealing with tourists. However, like everywhere in the world, there is very little chance of speculators being exploited. When buying, pay attention to the price tag of the products so that you do not have to pay an unfair fee. In many cases, prices are written with the help of English numbers.


Behavioral Characteristics of Iranian People

Hospitality and expression of friendly feelings are the most prominent moral characteristics of Iranians. So if you encounter Iranians who invite you to their home, they give you something as a keepsake, are excited to see you, take a photo with you, take your email address or Facebook account to ask you later, shake hands with you and hug you, don’t be surprised. visit Iran


Public Transportation in visit Iran

In Iran, inner-city buses are divided into women and men. It’s best to enter a section that matches your gender. Also, in Iran, the normal service of taxis is that 4 passengers (one passenger in the front seat and three passengers in the back seat of the taxi) are boarded. If you want to be the only passenger in a taxi, you need to get a “taxi door”, which includes a higher cost. In some major cities, in addition to the high-speed bus and metro systems, there are taxi locator apps like Snape. By purchasing an Iranian SIM card and installing these apps on your mobile phone, you can use their services. visit Iran

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Laws relating to Iran’s coasts

According to Iranian regulations, swimming or sunbathing takes place on the southern and northern coasts of Iran for men and women on separate beaches. Of course, walking on the beach and sporting and recreational activities are not subject to gender segregation. This is also the case with the use of the hotel pool. Also, for religious places such as the Shrine of Imam Reza in Mashhad, the Shrine of Hazrat Masumeh in Qom, as well as the Shrine of Shah Cheragh in Shiraz, you also encounter special manners. The entrance door of these attractions for women is different from the derby from which men enter. After passing through the entrance, the tourist’s men and women can join together and visit Iran.


The best way to start a dialogue in visit Iran

In Iran, if you want to ask someone for an address or you want to explain something to you or when you enter the shop/store/museum/restaurant/café and … You’ll be, say hello first. Greetings at the beginning of the dialogue with Iranians is a kind of respect, norm and cultural value. The proverb “Hello brings health” shows the importance of greetings in Iranian culture.

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Conventional Nutritional Practices in visit Iran

Unlike European food culture, most traditional Iranian cuisines do not need knives to be served. In most cases you can eat easily with spoons and forks. Some foods also need only spoons to use. Others are wrapped in bread and eaten by hand. To learn more about Iranian food culture, see here.


Solo trips to visit Iran

Like those traveling to Iran on tours, backpacker tourists are safe. However, it is better to stay in places licensed by the Tourism Organization of Iran and use valid vehicles when traveling and visit Iran

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