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Iran Traditional Herbal Medicine History

The first Aryan physician

The first Aryan physician was named Trita or Attret, who was Zoroastrian and Ahura Mazda‘s personal virtuous, wise, comedic, able-bodied, who for the first time arrested sickness, fever, and leprosy. However, Trita has been introduced as the first Aryan physician not only in Iranian culture but also in India. The first Aryan physician and surgeon, Trita was very familiar with the plants and their properties.

Iran Traditional Herbal Medicine

Ancient Iranian civilization

The prophet of Aryan civilization has emphasized the preservation and survival of plants. In this ancient Iranian civilization, there were two sacred “case and pomegranate” plants and they were always of great value to the people because of human health and the environment. In ancient Iranian civilization, in the inscriptions of the Achaemenid era, saffron was mentioned as a medicinal plant with many properties and applications.

Iran Traditional Herbal Medicine History

Iran Traditional Herbal Medicine History

Herbal medicine History

However, The earliest writings and versions of medicinal plants in important civilizations of the world, such as ancient Iran, Egypt, the Middle East, ancient Greece, India and China, date back to 3000 BC.

In these works, however,  the names of medicinal herbs such as myrrh, castor and garlic are abundant, as well as other civilizations such as Babylonians, Medes, Assyrians and Islamic medicine are the beginning of the advancement in the field of herbal medicine. However, China and India, both Iran, have been pioneers of traditional medicine and herbal medicine.

Iran Traditional Herbal Medicine

China medicinal herbs

The earliest discoveries from China in the field of medicinal herbs are an inscription, Shinon, about 2800 BC that describes about 1,000 medicinal species. However, another role of medicinal plants and the forces of the supernatural in the healing and prolongation of human life is about 2000 BC in India.

Iran Climates

The extent and variety of climates in Iran, China and India have made these regions of special importance in terms of the number and variety of valuable medicinal species in the world, so that hundreds of species of medicinal plants have very effective properties. Like herbs and spices such as black pepper, herring, saffron, cumin, licorice, poppy, nutmeg, castor, sesame, aloe Vera, ginseng, ginseng, tea and more have introduced today.

However, the tendency has been present in Iran, one of the seven Asian countries with the most medicinal herbs, and over the past three decades we have witnessed a growing trend of people using these herbal remedies and reviving traditional medicine.

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