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Iran Tours for US Citizens

Countries make decisions based on their relationships in the type of citizens of other countries entering their territory, sometimes diplomacy relations are such that it severely affects the type of entry and creates restrictions. Besides, the United States is one of the countries where the entry of citizens of this country into Iran Tours is not as easy as other countries will explain more about how to obtain Iranian visas for U.S. nationals.

As mentioned above, the United States is one of the countries affected by diplomatic relations between Iran and the United States. Also, Citizens of this country face restrictions to enter Iran and the conditions for obtaining an Iranian visa are not as easy as other countries. So, it is necessary to comply with a set of requirements for obtaining an Iranian visa, which will make you successful in obtaining an Iranian visa. Moreover, before stating the documents required for obtaining an Iranian visa

Few points are important for US citizens to obtain an Iranian visa:

  • Acting through a travel agency in Iran
  • Specify the itinerary in detail
  • Crossing the routes specified in the itinerary will therefore not be allowed to cross the prohibited routes.
  • Detailed announcement of the date of arrival and date of departure

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Documents required for Iranian visas for US nationals for Iran Tours

  • Have a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months validity
  • Providing full-impact personnel photographs based on the requirements set by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Scan ID card
  • Having a specific academic and work resume
  • Detailed and specific itinerary
  • Book hotels that want to stay within those cities
  • Complete the Iranian visa form in detail


Note in Receiving Iranian Tourist Visas for U.S. Citizens

The validity period of the Iranian visa for U.S. citizens is three months, and citizens can reside in Iran for up to 30 days, and if reaffirmed by the State Department, this amount can be increased to 60 days. In In addition, issuing this type of visa for US citizens individually and in most outside of tourism tours is very difficult and it recommended issuing tourist visas through travel agency in Iran and in most tourist tours should be. So, any Iran tours is not able to accompany U.S. tourists applying to travel to Iran for Iran and tour leader can accompany them that are approved by the Ministry of Affairs. Be foreign of Iran.

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