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About Amlash-Gilan

Gilan is one of the northern and green provinces of Iran. Everywhere in this region is full of intertwined trees and fertile fields. Rain is a constant helper of the northern provinces and Gilan is one of these provinces. This area has many villages and small towns, each of which has its own unique beauty. One of these unique cities is Amlash in Gilan. Amlash is like a house at the end of an alley. Because its south ends in the forested mountains and large plains of Gilan. This city has a long history except for the lush nature, which is why the trip to Amlash Gilan is very attractive. In this city, you can have fun and visit the plains and get acquainted with ancient and historical monuments. Our Iran travel agency, Iran Destination, have many professional Iran tour operator that can help you for visiting this city.

Where is Amlash?

Amlash is one of the eastern cities of Gilan province. If we move from Rasht to Amlash, we will pass through Ashrafieh, Lahijan and Langrood. The route from Rasht to Amlash is 76 km and these two cities are about an hour and a half apart. To reach Amlash from Tehran, we have to drive for about 5 hours. After the Karaj-Tehran road, we have to go to Qazvin and then Rasht. At the intersection of Rasht and Lahijan, we turn towards Lahijan and from there we enter the Lahijan-Langrud road. 10 minutes after Langrud, we reach the city of Shalmaneh. We pass the villages of Surkooh, Ostad Kalayeh and Chalars until we finally see the Amlash sign on the way.

More about Amlash Gilan

Amlash city in Gilan is an old and ancient city. Also, if you think this is a claim, we have to say that the findings of archaeologists show that the history of this area dates back to 900 to 800 BC. This is nearly three thousand years old, which is by no means a small amount of time. The people of this region speak the Gilaki language and are famous as Gilaki tribes.


Amlash, Heaven on Gilan

Why should we go to Amlash?

The tourist attractions of this city are not just the forest and the enjoyment of nature. Archaeologists have found objects in this area that date back to the 9th or 8th centuries BC. In addition, the natural sights of the region, such as caves, springs and lagoons, are less damaged by human destruction due to difficult access. Iran travel agency, Iran Destination, will organize your trip to Iran. You can offer your tailor-made trip to Iran or visit our programs on the Iran tour page. You can contact to our Iranian travel agency, our agents are online to answer all your questions.

Amlash city in Gilan, beautiful and unique

This small city is located in the foothills of the Alborz mountain range and with its countless beauties has practically become one of the important tourism hubs of Gilan. The lush forest covers the mountains and the fog that surrounds them creates a scene for every Iranian and foreign tourist that cannot be easily forgotten. Tea and orange groves add to these beauties in every corner.

What you don’t know about Amlash!

This small and beautiful city, which is located 75 km from the center of Gilan province, is considered an ancient region. The reason for naming this city is its proximity to a river that has stagnant water and for this reason, it was called Ablash or Umlash. This name meant stagnant river and later this name was changed to Amlash. The occupation of the people of this region is mainly agriculture and their products are wheat, tea, hazelnuts, citrus fruits and of course rice; However, most of the land in this area is under tea cultivation. In addition, products such as honey or livestock products are also produced in this area.

Amlash forests have a different meaning of greenery and beauty

The trees of this region are undoubtedly one of the most important and interesting parts of the trip. A vast forest that covers the entire mountains to attract the spectacular view of the green mountains of any tourist. Holoudasht is one of the forest areas of Amlash, which is located 30 km from this city. Also, if you take half an hour, you can find your way to this beautiful paradise. Of course, this region is not only the forests of Amlash, but also the forests of Bolordkan have formed an important part of the forests south of Amlash in Gilan. Around the forests of Balvardkan, there is a village as well as an old caravanserai, which can add to the attractions of your trip.


Amlash nature

Other attractions of Amlash in Gilan for tourists

One of the most important attractions of Amlash is its weekly markets. On Tuesdays, the people of this area gather and sell their products. Products that are either handmade or personally developed. You can find anything you want in this market. From herbal medicines to food and clothing and pottery… . Amlash Bazaar is also be on Tuesdays in the main street of the city. Occasionally, predators and adventurers come to the market and are surrounded by tourists.

Zarbijar wetland is one of the most important wetlands in the country

One of the most important tourist attractions of Amlash and Gilan province is Zarbijar wetland. This wetland has always been of interest to tourists due to its beautiful and special vegetation. To reach this lagoon, you have to go to it from Amlash belt.  However, the evidence shows that this beautiful lagoon use to be much larger. However, the growth and development of the city has been reduced in size. When you reach this area, you will notice that Zarbijar wetland consists of two water areas and includes plant and animal species specific to such environments. It can be said that this wetland is the habitat of birds that migrate to this area in winter; Birds such as vultures, terns and ducks. This is one of the most beautiful natural places in Amlash, Gilan.