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Traveling is one of the enjoyable activities that every person needs to live a better life. Imagine that you are planning to travel and you haven’t traveled to our own Iranian cities, and you don’t know which city to travel to, and you have no idea about the shopping centers of the destination, the attractions of the destination, the weather of the destination, and even the restaurants of that city. And you have no information. But we must know that technology is always our friend and developers always try to remove the burden from the shoulders of users by using new solutions. Technology can be used even while traveling, and many tasks can be made easy by it. Today, applications have made people’s lives easier, you can use different applications to find the best hotels, ecotourism places, tourist places, etc. and enjoy your trip, as well as save your time and money.


Neshan applicationQ

“Neshan” is a navigation application. Using GPS, this program provides you with the shortest and least traffic route to reach your destination. If you are planning to travel to Iran and it is difficult for you to find the routes, you can easily use this program to find the route.

Google Maps

One of the essential items for any trip is a map. One of the best navigation applications is Google Maps. By using this application, you can download the range of your trip and use it without the need for the internet. By using this application, you will have access to the map of more than 220 countries. If you have internet, you can use the routing, virtual travel through street view, and other good features of this application.


Waze program is considered one of the best routing programs and one of the best travel software, which of course is not much different from Google Maps, but many Iranian users feel more comfortable using this software. Having a voice assistant, this software can be the best helper for your driver on the way, and just by choosing the origin and destination, this travel software will show you the best recommended way to avoid getting stuck in traffic. If you don’t like the route suggested by Wiz, just choose other suggested routes. Waze is definitely one of the best travel software.

Snapp and Tapsi (Tap30)

If you go to another city without your own car, it is definitely better to have these applications installed on your phone. These applications will help you reach your destination by having numerous ambassadors in the city. The payment portal of these applications is in cash and online, which leaves your hands free to explore the city. Also, these applications have personalization capabilities that allow you to choose several different destinations to visit and by placing a series of security elements in them, they create a safe trip for you. Snap and Tapsi are definitely useful travel applications.

Food ordering application: Snapp food

There is no doubt that the Snapp food application is one of the types of software that many Iranian users use today, and thanks to the very good services provided by this brand, you can trust its effectiveness when traveling. Imagine that you have settled in your villa or residence but you haven’t eaten yet or you need to buy from the supermarket. In this case, only with the help of this application, you can identify nearby restaurants and supermarkets support by this application and make your purchase easier. Snapp food can also be a widely used software in travel.


By carrying this useful travel application, you can travel safely with your family or friends and be sure that you can meet your needs at every stage of the trip. Thanks to the advancement of technology, these apps are the best possible ways to overcome travel problems. So don’t forget to install these applications.