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What’s Illegal in Iran?

What’s Illegal in Iran?, The most important tips you need to travel to Iran on this page you can read. We have tried to respond to your most important mental concerns and the most vital information you need.

What’s Illegal in Iran?, Security in Iran

Unlike the negative propaganda of some Western media, Iran is a safe country and does not threaten citizens and tourists. In recent years, etc., despite the grip strength of terrorist groups, because ISIS and the Taliban in the Middle East, and some attacks them, in the heart of Europe, Iran, this species measures, anti-human rights hedging was, and to the island secure, the Middle East, the reputation of the findings. Despite the relative insecurity that dominates the world, even a massive terrorist incident has not been reported in the country.

Stay in Iran

In tourist cities in Iran, it is customary that natives rent their homes to travelers. This type of residence may cause problems with Accident Insurance. So stay in places that operate under the supervision of the Iranian Tourism Organization. Licensed hotels, guesthouses and local houses are among the approved locations. If you are traveling by tour, trust your tour guide about accommodation.

What’s Illegal in Iran?, Internet in Iran

Contrary to the negative publicity, some Western media, in Iran almost everywhere (except the depths of the caves and the mountain) there is an internet and access to it is very simple. Just get off your plane to the mobile SIM card sales center and pay a very reasonable fee (less than USD 15), buy a SIM card. As soon as you activate the SIM card, high-speed internet access provide for you. And you can connect with your family and friends with audio and video applications. It seems necessary to have a passport to buy a tourist SIM card.

In Iran, 3 operators provide telecommunications and internet services. Operator MCI and Irancell for dedicated to providing services to tourists pay and you can buy a product called “SIM card tourist” from these services use. Remember that these SIM cards are only valid for 30 days. If you want to stay more time in Iran, you can buy a rightel SIM card operator or use other types of SIM cards of first and Irancell mobile operators.

What's Illegal in Iran?

Iranian money system

You can use euros, pounds or dollars to pay major travel expenses, such as your accommodation fare or a taxi that is supposed to take you from the airport to the hotel. But for more detailed costs, you need to convert your money into Iranian banknotes. At Iranian international airports, there is a currency exchange. Hotels also have such a possibility. Accredited exchanges are also active in all major cities of Iran that you can use their services.

What’s Illegal in Iran?, Cultural taboos in Iran

Gazing at people, especially Iranian ladies, kissing and embracing non-homosexuals in public places is not consistent with Iranian public culture. Also, the pioneering of men in losing to Iranian women is contrary to etiquette. In Iranian regulation, such cases are not very favorable. When photographing cultural landscapes, especially if the subject is an Iranian citizen, it is better to allow. Like many people in the world, Iranians like to respect their privacy.

What’s Illegal in Iran?, Tip law in Iran

It is not mandatory to tip a restaurant waiter or someone who will take your bar to your hotel room. These people pay from their employer in exchange for the services they provide. Of course, you can optionally tip. This is different about people who are supposed to provide you with special services, such as carrying your backpack and belongings on the birding route. A bill of five or ten thousand dollars is a good amount to tip.

General beliefs and beliefs in Iran

In Iranian culture, mosques, shrines and shrines are respectable and visiting them, like all other religious places around the world, requires respectful and humble behavior. It is not possible to visit some of the great mosques for tourists at noon and after the full sunset due to the establishment of congregational prayers. After the congregational prayer that lasts a few more minutes, the visit is not an obstacle.

What’s Illegal in Iran?, Type of coating in Iran

In the Iranian regulation women have hijab. However, the Iranian hijab with what apply in some countries is dramatic and varied and colorful. Any type of covering that is not so thin and does not cover the hands, legs and hair, is considered as an Iranian hijab, and there is no limit in terms of the color and design of the dress. This hijab is sufficient for travel in Iran. In other words, in Iran, extreme hijab is not dealt with and by watching the coverage of Iranian citizens you will find this issue.

In the Iranian regulation for men, wearing a sleeveless blouse and trousers whose height is very short, although there is no legal prohibition, it is not customary in public places. Some hair is necessary for tourist women in Iran. It is better for tourist ladies to respect the culture of their host society, in their handbag scarf or shawl to bring with them to prepare it at the airport is not difficult. If you do not have a scarf, it does not happen, except to spend a little time and money to buy it from the store.

Iranian law on visiting religious attractions

According to the Iranian regulations of female tourists, to visit some religious attractions of Iran (Imam Reza shrine in Mashhad – shrine of Masoumeh in Qom-Shahcheragh shrine in Shiraz and ….) Must use a special coating called “tent”. At these attractions, the tent is available to visitors for free. Iranian Tents include patches of colorful and colorful fabrics in large dimensions that place on the head. The use of this cover is rooted in cultural and religious beliefs and is considered a kind of respect for that attraction. Male tourists do not need to use tents. However, the conventional coverage of Iranian men (shirts and trousers) should be used.

What's Illegal in Iran?

Laws on alcohol and drugs

In the regulations of Iran, carry, and use of alcoholic beverages and drugs, including marihuana in public places is prohibited and Central, which officially for our customers alcoholic drinks serving it. there is not. Although in Iran, like many countries, the smuggling and distribution of prohibited substances and liquor is a significant social damage.

What’s Illegal in Iran?, Halal food in Iran

According to Iranian regulations, only halal food offer in this country. Halal food not prepare and served with fake liquor. The livestock, which is supposed to be used for cooking food, is slaughtered in a special way. Also meat some animals like pigs, dogs, and mice … They not use in Iran because they not solvent.

Pay attention to the price tag in Iran

Most Iranians are conscientious and ethical people and are fair in trading with tourists. Like all over the world, however, there is very little chance of being used by speculative people. When buying, pay attention to the price tag of the products so that you do not have to pay unfair fees. In many cases, prices writ with the help of English numbers.

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