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Seasons in Iran

Iran is a four-season country with a varied climate suitable for tourism that you can enjoy travel and excursions, nature and ecotourism in Iran at any time. Travel to Iran is attractive in all seasons and every season in every region of Iran has its own mood. Iran Travel
They say Iran is a four-season country, and most regions of Iran have a climate tailored to the seasons. Only the southern half of the country has two seasons with a warm and sultry climate. But on the other side, they say Iran is four seasons. This means that at any time of the year when you travel to one of the cities of Iran, you will see a different climate at the same time in another city, which is why tourism is attractive at any time of the year. Iran Travel

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Spring and Summer in Iran Travel

In general, in the spring and especially in April and May, which is also the Nowruz holidays, all over Iran has a pleasant and springy air except the southern cities of Iran that have a warm and sultry air.

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The summer season of the country’s climate varies in different regions. The weather in the cities around the Caspian Sea is warm and sultry, while this region of the country is not deprived of the blessings of rain in the summer. The south of the country has a very sultry and warm weather in summer and traveling to these cities in summer is very overwhelming.

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The northwestern provinces, especially Ardebil, have a cool and pleasant climate this season and are suitable areas for tourism in summer. Other parts of the country are hot and dry at this time, with temperatures expected to rise from north to south. But in all of these regions, mountainous parts have a pleasant and pleasant climate, even if they are near the warmest desert cities. Iran Travel

Autumn and Winter in Iran Travel

Autumn also has a cool and pleasant climate. On the other hand, forests in different regions create beautiful autumnal landscapes. In most cities, there is a mild climate in this season.

Autumn and winter is the best time to travel to the southern regions of Iran, especially the islands in the south of the country, at this time the weather in the southern cities of Iran is pleasant and spring. The cities of northern Iran also have beautiful natural landscapes with soulful colors in autumn, while the climate of these cities is cooled and rainfall in these cities increases greatly. Iran Travel

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On the other hand, the best time to travel to Iran’s tempting deserts is the same seasons, while at this time the intensity of the air is reduced, it is a good time to patrol under the desert sun. Although desert days don’t get too cold, it has cold weather at night. This temperature difference in some areas such as Lut desert in south Khorsan, Shahdad desert of Kerman reaches from above 30 degrees in winter to -10 degrees at night.

But if you want to take advantage of winter sports and activities in winter, it is possible from north to central Iran. Mountainous areas, especially because they are snowy, can be good attractions for those who love winter. Iran Travel

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