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Iran tour packages

Iran tour packages, Have you ever traveled on tours? If you answered yes to this question, if you get a result from these two results:

A) Or you satisfy with this type of travel and from now on the regular customer of these tours. It will make and find new friends to be preferred by personal car.

B) Or your body trembles when you hear the name of group tours and you still want to lose the money you want to buy.

If you are from the first group, which is nothing, but if you are from the second group, you must have wanted to know what to do so that you do not regret that trip. A trip that may be costly and have inconvenient facilities. But really, when deciding on this type of trip, what points should you pay attention to that its happy memory will always last?

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Iran tour packages

A) How to find out the validity of a travel agency, Iran tour packages:

Holding any tour (patrol) inside, holding tours to destinations abroad. And also holding incoming tours to the country are the main duties of travel and tourism services offices licensed. To establish and operate the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization and only These offices are allowed to operate as tour operators. So the entry of other natural and legal persons, as well as public and private agencies and institutions into tour operations prohibited. And is considered by the organization as unauthorized offices and interference in the offices of travel and tourism services companies.

And the violators are introduced to the judicial authorities, so advertising and launching any travel tour without a license to operate in paragraph “b” is against the law on the development of the tourism industry, and violators are sentenced to imprisonment, fines and closure of the place of activity. Having a travel and tourism services office will be denied. Therefore, when traveling with a tour, travelers should pay attention to an important point that these offices must have a license, because the authorized travel services offices have the necessary standards, and only by having these items, they will be granted a license.

In addition, if a violation is committed by these offices, the passenger will be under the protection of the organization and at the discretion of the organization, their guarantee will be confiscated in favor of the passenger. You will find travel tours either through the pages of newspaper advertisements or through your friends and acquaintances. But remember that newspapers have no obligation to ensure the accuracy of their printed advertisements. So to avoid any possible problems, first contact the tourism experts of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization. And it makes sure that the activity of your agency allow as a first step.

B) There are several types of tour contracts:

It is important to note that there are basically two types of contracts in the tour sector: the first type is a contract concluded between travel agencies and travelers and the second type is a contract concluded between travel agencies and tour operators or agents. One of the problems in the tourism sector of the country is not concluding the second type of contracts. Obviously, in case of any problem in this regard, the agency of the contracting party will be responsible with the travelers (registration agency). Is familiar with the types of contracts of the first type. Therefore, in this section we will explain this important.

Depending on the type of trip you choose, you will offer three types of domestic, international and UAE tour contracts.

1) Domestic tours contract, Iran tour packages:

This contract set in two pages. In the first page of which the exact details of the applicants as well as the details of the trip mentioned. And in the second page of the contract the travel rules foresee in 13 clauses. Up to a limit of 15 people and… . If you study this contract carefully, you will most likely not have a problem. The important thing about group tours is that the price is negotiable according to the type of service. And the responsible organization does not supervise the prices as in the past few years.

Until 1982, the prices of the offered tours had to be approved by the Iran Tourism Organization. But in 1983, the then head of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization revoked this instruction. According to tourism experts, frequent visits to travel agencies to confirm the price of tours, in addition to invalidating the license, caused numerous problems for the relevant experts.

2) Contract for foreign tours other than the United Arab Emirates:

If you are planning to travel abroad with tours other than the UAE, you will see the contract in three pages and 24 paragraphs. These contracts are more detailed than the domestic tours. And they mention that up to two weeks before The flight must pay the full amount of the tour. In addition you are responsible for financing the currency. One of the clauses of the contract emphasizes that in case of cancellation of the trip, depending on the stages before the trip, from 10% to 50%. The percentage of the amount of the tour will fine.

In these contracts, providing a valid guarantor as needed, the non-obligation of the agency not to issue visas by embassies, the obligation to observe Islamic etiquette. Another important point is the refusal to return to the country It is after the trip, ie you go to a country with a tour, but you do not return for any reason, in which case the guarantees available to the travel service office will be confiscated for this reason.

Iran tour packages

Important Note: If you are planning a group trip to a Schengen country, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and Egypt, keep in mind that travel agencies must be licensed to operate these tours. Submit themselves to the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, which, if authorized by the relevant agency, will issue a tour permit.

C) What points consider when concluding a tour contract:

3-1) The contract concluded between you and the registering agency must have the seal of the agency and the signature of the manager or its representative.

3-2) If it is necessary for you to pay a fee to the registering agency when registering for the tour and concluding the contract, remember that in return for payment, you must receive a valid receipt on a sheet of paper stamped and stamped with the seal of the agency. The registrar is you get.

3-3) If your desired tour requires a visa and in order to obtain it. It is necessary to provide your passport to the registering agency. In exchange for presenting the passport, a valid receipt stamped on the letterhead stamped by the registering agency must be provided. You have received.

3-4) Do not satisfy with the oral explanations of the registering agency. It provides in connection with the description of the services of your chosen tour. And include everything that said in the text of the contract.

3-5) It is your right to be aware of the itinerary before registering. So ask the registering agency when concluding the contract.

3-6) According to the regulations of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization. It is mandatory to insure all passengers participating in the tour. So find out that you sure at the time of registration. And ask the registering agency to mention it in the contract. .

3-7) It is necessary to hold a briefing session before the implementation of the long-distance travel plan.

3-8) Having a tour guide (tour leader) is a necessity of any tour. And this important should include in the relevant contract.