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Travel to Iran as an American

travel to iran as an american - Irandestination

US citizens travel to Iran – Irandestination

You may assume that Americans cannot visit Iran, but it is totally incorrect. they can Travel to Iran as an American. US Citizens are most welcomed whenever they want to visit Iran. meanwhile,  America President Donald Trump issued Iran Muslim ban. Iran declared government would stop visa issuance to Americans.

However, once American courts struck down the ban, Iranian government resumed issuing visa to Americans. the present policies won’t stop Americans from visiting Iran. Americans allowed to visit Iran freely however they should know some things regarding tours and visas before having their trip. The Department of State warns Americans to take the risks into consideration, but it is perfectly legal to travel to Iran as an American citizen.

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Travel to Iran as an American: The visa process

As anyone who’s gone through the process knows, getting an Iran visa as a US citizen is simple. Iran Visas Issue After a two-step process, and this differs according to your nationality (specifically the passport you are travelling on).

once you book your package of tour, our team can submit your info to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) to approve you for a visa. Once you receive your code, you can send your passport and visa form to your nearest Iranian Embassy.
Well, if you are now traveling overseas. Why you should start the process soon? Because Iran does not have an embassy in US. the “Iranian interests” section of the Pakistan Embassy in Washington, DC handles visa applications, and they considered secondary to its regular consular business. you ought to begin to arrange your trip to Islamic Republic of Iran as so much earlier as possible—six months to a year, if you can. All information you need for visa is available on our website (Iran Visa for American,British and Canadian) .

Travel to Iran as an American: American solo travelers?

While in Iran, American citizens should be accompanied by a guide. This doesn’t mean you need to have a very structured itinerary (although the itinerary will need to be approved) but your guide joins you to help you explore new cities and sites if you stray from the group. plan your trip with a well-known tour company or your guide not to miss any attraction in Iran. Therefore, Irandestination Travel Agency offers best package tours and friendly guides to facilitate your trip. Whether you take a private tour or a group tour, you should be with a guide all the time you are in Iran. You’ll definitely have free time inside major tourist attractions, like Imam Square in Isfahan, or the Nasir ol-Molk “Pink Mosque” in Shiraz.Nasir al Molk,the Colorful Mosque of Shiraz

Travel to Iran as an American: Refusal of Entry into Iran

anyone with a passport containing a visa/stamp from Israel, is refused to be admitted in Iran. If you have got a stamp from Israel you may wish to apply for a new and clean passport to avoid any issues.
If you have got traveled to Israel since 2013 you may have got that it’s normal to issue your stamp on a separate piece of paper and this avoids the matter entirely.

Travel to Iran as an American: Wanna travel to Iran without a visa?

no entry visa need at Kish International Airport. this implies if you’d prefer to travel to Iran without a visa Kish Island can be a good choice. Kish Island is tailed towards international tourists and can call a resort island.

people from west are going to be asked to indicate proof of building reservations and contact information to visit the island. ladies will be asked to wear a scarf when they arrive there. They will  offer a scarf when passing through customs and immigration. Travelers are allowed to stay up to 14 days on Kish Island without visa.

Is Drinking alcohol and eating pork permitted in Iran?

bringing alcohol into Iran is severely forbidden, so travelers cannot take advantage of their duty-free alcohol allowance when coming to Iran. Also If you bring chocolates from abroad, make sure they do not contain alcohol.
Pork is not available. When it comes to meat most Iranians tend to eat chicken, beef or lamb, all of which are widely available.

Dress Code in Iran

Ladies should have a headscarf and wear it when they step foot in Iran. When in public, they have to cover their head. Women should also stick to loose fitting clothing. contrary to what many believe, women in Iran follow fashion trends. Three-quarter length shirts are ok for women as well.
Men should wear pants and do not allow to wear shorts. Long sleeves might be most appropriate in certain places but when it is hot a t-shirt is just fine.

Driving through Iran

If you want to bring your own vehicle into Iran you should possess a valid international driving licence and be over 18 years of age. You will also need a carnet de passage, i.e. an international validation for your vehicle to pass through Iran.

Time difference between Iran and US

local time in Los Angeles is 11:30 hours behind Tehran. for more details visit http://goo.gl/rcAKNs

Travel to Iran as an American

How Do Tourists Think about Iran?

US citizens travelling to Iran

travel to Iran as an American

Most of people think of Iran as the Images presented in the media, but as nowadays Iran is a booming destination for Europeans and Americans seeking an adventurous vacation, they change their mind about Iran after visiting it. Travel to Iran as an American

While breaking the rules of the Islamic society (including drinking alcohol, taking drugs and engaging in sexual activity with locals) can result in deportation, arrest or worse, general travel here is completely safe. It won’t take long before Iranians give you a warm welcome, ask where you are from or even invite you to dinner or tea. They are so keen to show you, the exact opposite of how they portrayed. Visitors, even Americans, will be welcomed by locals with open arms. Follow the local customs and culture and you should have a great time on your visit to Iran. Iran is a safe place to visit for Americans just as it is for Europeans.

Travel to Iran as an American

“I only knew Iran through the image the government presents in the media,” said Magali Magnim, a 33-year-old video technician from Lyon, France. She and two friends were in Isfahan, one of Iran’s most historic cities, as part of a three-week tour. “But everything is so different from what I expected.” for reading more on this,visit: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/09/world/middleeast/iran-western-tourism.html

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