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Ardestan; Isfahan

In a trip to “Ardestan City of Wonders” you are going to see the beauty of Persian architecture and anthropology. Traveling to the cities of Ardestan and Zavareh is an offer that cannot be denied which belong to Isfahan Province. The following paragraphs are a summary of this beautiful city. Ardestan City of Wonders

Moon Qanat Ardestan City of Wonders,Iran Destination

Moon Qanat, Ardestan City of Wonders

Qanat is a wonderful invention of old Persian which locates everywhere in Iran, however Ardestan Moon Qanat is different from all of them. The elegance of the design and execution of the two aqueducts can be seen in the main street of Ardestan. The staircase goes down and at the foot of the aqueduct of the first floor there is a well, from which the second floor is found.
Next to the Baba Ahmed Mosque, you can see the aqueduct that was built around the 7th century. Its purpose is to divide the Qanat water between the farms. Farms and gardens are slowly emerging. Nearby there is an old mill, which shows the maximum use of aqueduct (Qanat). Ardestan 

Ardestan City of Wonders , Iran Destination

Jame Mosque of Ardestan City of Wonders

Jame Mosque, which is one of the oldest mosques in Iran was actually a fireplace. The great architecture in the autumn dazzles every visitor, its tall and beautiful porches and the courtyards and dome decorations are commendable. Ardestan 

Attractions of Ardestan

Other amazing attractions in Ardestan City of Wonder are Zavare Historical City, Pamenar Mosque, historical castles, Water Reservoir (Abanbar), Ice Resource, historical Bazaar, Hasht Behest House, Chehel Sotun Palace that courage you more to visit this city.

Zavareh , Iran Destination

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