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Iran museum

Iran Museum, Iran is the cradle of world history and civilization. This sentence is probably very stereotypical and repetitive. But stereotypes are not necessarily far from reality. The fact is that Iran is a paradise of historians and historians. in addition, This fact has caused many museums in our country.

Tehran, Museum city

There is no doubt that many of the best museums in Iran are based in Tehran. If you are a lover of the museum and watching history and art, you should put Tehran museums on your list. The best museums in Tehran will be briefly introduced:

National Museum

The National Museum of Iran is the most important Museum of the country. The museum is of great importance both in terms of its history and in terms of the objects stored there. Since the first formally established Museum of the National Museum in Iran, more than 103 years have passed. Of course, the National Museum has undergone many changes during its century of history and no longer resembles the museum that was founded a century ago.

The museum is located in an area of 18 thousand square meters and the current monument of the museum was built in 1316 by Andre Godard. The National Museum of Iran consists of two main parts, the Museum of ancient Iran and the Museum of Archaeology and Islamic art. It is interesting to know that in the Museum of ancient Iran, works dating back between a million and 12,000 years ago are kept. Some of the ancient Iranian museum objects date back to the Paleolithic period.

consequently, The Museum of Archaeology and Islamic art was built in 1376. Many of the historical treasures of Islamic Art of the post-Islamic kingdom of Iran are located in this museum.

Address: Professor Rollin Street, setir Street, beginning of Imam Khomeini street, number one

Opening hours in spring and summer from 9 am to 19 pm and in autumn and winter from 9 pm to 17pm

The cost of entry tickets to the museum: for Iranian visitors 10,000 USD and for foreign visitors 100,000 USD.

Iran Museum

Golestan Palace Museum

The most famous royal palace of Iran is Golestan Palace. The main cause of this reputation is the use of a large number of Iranian Kings from this collection as the center of the monarchy. The Sultan’s Palace dates back to the Shah Abbas Safavid period. Of course, the main building of the Golestan Palace, which was used in the Safavid period, there is nothing left and dating back to the Karim Khan Zand period.

consequently, After choosing Tehran as the capital of Iran, Golestan Palace became more important. Therefore, It considered as the center of governance until the end of the Qajar period. You can watch all the objects that existed in the Qajar period in this palace in the Golestan complex. An important part of the major events have occurred in Iran’s history. It has been going on at the Golestan Palace. Apart from the historical significance, this collection has showcased the most unique Iranian arts.

Above all, 13 erected set in Golestan are, big hello, big mirror, mirror, on the porch, bed, marble, granite. marble throne., the traditional., the palace khābūr, etc. privacy karimkhani., the mansion, Windward., the big ivory, big diamonds, big brilliant and traditional mansion Windward.

Address: Arg square, Khordad 15th Street

Opening hours of the museum: in the first six months of the year between 9.9 a.m. and 6.6 a.m.

The cost of entrance tickets to the museum: entrance to the Golestan Palace for each domestic visitor, 5000 USD, the main palace 13000 USD and each complex, 4000 USD. For foreign visitors, the entrance is 50,000 USD, each section is 30,000 USD and the main palace is 110,000 USD.

Iran museumPalace Museum Saadabad

It is not possible to speak of the palace of the Golestan Museum. However, the name of the palace of Saadabad as one of the best museums in Iran. Sa’d-Abad, in fact, countryside Qajar Kings, with the coming of Pahlavi the first. in addition, the large buildings around it were built in the time of Pahlavi II, was the official place as the King’s life was chosen.

That is to say, Various buildings are located in the palace of SA’adabad, each of which has Treasures of history and contemporary art to the public. Sa’adabad Palace has a total of 15 independent monuments. Also, each ones today has become a museum in the museum’s palace complex.

subsequently, Opening hours of SA’adabad Museum Palace: first half of the year 9 to 18 and 45 minutes, second half of the year 9 to 17

Ticket cost: entrance for Iranians 5000 tomans and for foreign visitors 50000 tomans. To visit the pyramid complex, you must pay 4,000 tomans, which is 30,000 tomans for foreign visitors.

Iran Museum, Jewelry Museum

That is to say, Jewelry is one of those objects that attracts everyone to themselves. The composition of craft and nature is an attractive composition that no one can resist. Since we Iranians interest, strange to jewelry, so the interest in the royal family have seen it. Moreover, Treasures, a rich and compelling of jewelry at the disposal of the central bank is located. certainly, These treasures, called National Jewelry, exposed in limited hours of the day. And, if you hurry, you can have a chance to watch this magnificent collection.

Meanwhile, It is interesting to know that until today none of the experts and researchers have been able to estimate the true value of the jewelry of the treasury of the central bank. certainly, The most famous member of this charming treasure is the pink diamond of the light sea.

Address Jewelry Museum: Imam Khomeini square, Ferdowsi Street, before Istanbul crossroads, central bank, underground floor

Visited days: Saturday to Tuesday. 14: 00 to 17: 00.

Entry fee: for domestic visitors 6000 USD and for foreign visitors 30000 USD.

Iran Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art

The most important Art Museum of Iran is the Museum of Contemporary Art. It open in 1356. The museum is to be one of the world’s top collections in the field of modernist arts. Also, You can watch many works by world-renowned artists, including Picasso, Gauguin and Renoir at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Of course, this museum has a collection of Iranian artists. The financial value of the works in the Museum of contemporary art is to reach five to ten billion dollars.

Address: the Museum of contemporary art is located on the north side of Laleh Park on Kargar Street.

Visiting hours: 10 to 18 pm every day

Above all, Ticket price of Museum of Contemporary Art: 5000 tomans per Iranian and for non-Iranian visitors 15000 tomans

Iran Museum, Sacred Defense Museum

subsequently, Museums are not always the way we imagine. They narrate a form of event for visitors. It is one of the common memories of several generations.  However, One of these museums is the garden of the Holy Defense Museum, which built in Razi abbasabad.

consequently, The Museum of Holy Defense has embedded every famous and important element. It existed in the eight-year war between Iran and Iraq. The museum composed of several sections. certainly, It except the butterfly Hall, the rest of the sections are more narrative. However, The interesting parts of the Museum of holy defense can reconstruct parts of Khorramshahr, including the Jame Mosque, noted.

Address of Sacred Defense Museum Garden: Vanak Square, Shahid Haqqani highway, end of Sarv Street, opposite Taleghani Park.

Hours of visit: every day from 9.30 to 17, Fridays from 11 to 17


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