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Iran Destination is a well-operated tour operator in Iran which makes your travel to Iran easy. We suggest you to have a look on our  Iran packages tour.  Our Iran Travel Agency is ready to help you to travel to Iran. Following, read some Facts About  Port of Bushehr. 

The port of Bushehr

The port of Bushehr is located in 28,58 N and 50, 50 E in the north end of a peninsula on the coast of the Persian Gulf. This peninsula is 14 Km long. The depth of water is near to 7m in the external anchorage leading to internal anchorage by the external channel 9200m in length and from the internal anchorage to Khor Soltani, Bushehr berth and then to Khor Booder by the internal channel 3900m in length. The channel is 140m in average width.

History of Bushehr

The Peninsula of Bushehr was a thriving and flourishing seat of civilization called ‘Rey Shahr’. Many relics have been found in this regard related to the Elamite era and the civilization of Shoosh. However, These structures of “Rey Shahr’ are said to be related to Ardeshir Sassanid and Rey Shahr was formerly known by the name of Ram Ardeshir. Undefined Thereby through the passage of time came to be called Rey Shahr and thence Bushehr.

Above all, This port city lies near the head of the Persian Gulf at the northern end of a flat and narrow peninsula that is connected with the mainland by tidal marshes. Bandar Bushehr rose to prominence during the reign of Nadir Shah when he established a naval base there in 1734 to control the periphery of the Persian Gulf.

The port of Bushehr


Bandar-e Bushehr:

Above all, In the 1780s the English and Dutch East India companies transferred their trading posts to Bushehr from Bandar-e Abbas. It became the seat of a British political resident in the 19th century and of several European consulates. Its commercial importance declined with the development by the Iranian government in the 1960s and 70s of Khorramshahr as the principal port for the Persian Gulf. Bandar-e Bushehr continues to serve as a port, though it is eclipsed by Bandar-e Abbas and Bandar-e Imam Khomeyni (formerly Bandar-e Shahpour). Bandar-e Bushehr has a deep but exposed outer anchorage and an inner one.

It is connected by road to Bandar-e Khomeyni, Bandar-e Abbas, and other cities; it is also linked to Tehrān by air and by road via Shiraz and Esfahan (Isfahan). Bandar-e Bushehr is now a regional Centre for oil distribution, has a degree-granting college, and is a fisheries Centre. The establishment of a thermoelectric power plant there encouraged the growth of food-processing and engineering industries. It exports Dried fruits, gums, rugs, and raw cotton. The city suffered extensive damage in the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s but was largely rebuilt in the 1990s.

The port of Bushehr

Bandar-e Bushehr

The port of Bushehr Climate

 in addition, Bushehr port has got a semi-tropical climate with very hot and humid summer and temperate winter. The seasonal South Western winds blow on Bushehr Sea from the beginning of June to the end of October but they rarely reach the harbor. The seasonal North Eastern winds blow on Bushehr Sea and sometimes very strongly on the land from the end of December to the beginning of May.

  • The power of North Wind usually reaches to 6 in Beaufort scale, but it may rarely border on 8.
  • The average power of Wind in winter is 4 in Beaufort scale
  • The temperature range during summer is +35 to +40 degrees centigrade, whereas it mat border on +2 degrees centigrade in winter.
  • The humidity range during winter is %40 to %80 and %30 to %99 in summer.

To clarify, this port is at a distance of 1,218 km. from Tehran, and has a hot, humid climate. Since the past, this port has been one of the important ones in Persian Gulf which has an international airport too.

The port of Bushehr TIDAL RANGE

The ebb and tide in Bushehr port is diurnal. The tidal range differs from 1 m to 1.6 m.

The highest tide may reach to 2 m and the lowest ebb may border on .7 m. The speed of water current in the internal channel and Khore Soltani may reach to 2-3 knots in ebb and flow conditions

The maximum height of the wave in the external anchorage is almost 1.5 m and .6 in the internal anchorage.

The port of Bushehr  connects to neighboring cities via 4 important routes:

  • – port of Bushehr – Khormooj – Kangan – Lengeh – Bandar Abbas extended 920 Km in length.
  • – Bushehr – Borazjan – Shiraz extended 290 Km in length.
  • – Bandar-e Bushehr – Borazjan – Yasooj – Isfahan.
  • – Bushehr – Genaveh – Deylam – Mahshahr – Abadan extended 690 Km in length.

It is worth mentioning that Bushehr – Borazjan route is a highway.

The port of Bushehr AIRPORT

The port of Bushehr is one of the most accessible ports of the country to airport with only 5 Km distance. The international airport of Bushehr provids with domestic flights to Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashad, Kish, Kharg and international flights to Dubi and Jaddeh.


These factories, located near the port, are capable of repairing vessels of any kind up to 2500 tons onshore and building offshore constructs. Iran -Sadra Company has up to now built some huge oil platforms belonged to Southern Pars Area.

The port of Bushehr Attractions:

Kharkoo Island:

Certainly, This island is situated north east of Khark Island and is considered to be an important island regarding cargos such as crude oil. Kharku Island is a low, sandy, coral island with fringing reefs in the northern Persian Gulf, c. 30 km off the mainland coast and 60 km north-west of Bushehr. Surface water is lacking, but there is a freshwater well. Most of the island  covers in dune vegetation of grasses and low shrubs.  There are a few banyan trees near the south end of the island. Moreover, The island uninhabited until the late 1970s, when an air force camp with a substantial landing stage and a number of permanent buildings built at the north end. further, The nearby island of Khark (Kharg) is a major oil terminal.

Heleh protected area:

Heleh Protected Area (Helleh) is located 35 kilometers northwest of Port Bushehr in South of Iran (at the intersection of Shapur and Dalaki Rivers). This protected area is 42,600 hectares, 20,000 hectares of which are wetlands. Helleh Protected Area is a good bird watching destination and is home to birds such as crane, graylag goose, and flamingo, Dalmatian pelican, black-winged stilt, pied avocet, mallard, Eurasian teal, black francolin, heron, common buzzard, tern, common linnet, egretta, sand grouse, kestrel, Bee-eater and falcon.

Meanwhile, Heleh Protected Area is also home to wild cat, wild boar, fox, rabbit and mongoose. In the territory of Helleh the two rivers of Dalaky and Shapour have brought about a large Wetland. Also, Surrounding this wetland are marshes which have provided a habitat for immigrant birds. Importantly, This wetland has come to exist in 1963 as a result of Heleh River’s outbreak, and since then it has been protected under the supervision of Department of Environment in Bushehr. This area is a perfect place for scientific studies and nature lovers.

Sinzi port

Consequently, You can see the remnants of the ancient port of ‘Siniz’ or ‘Bandar-e-Siniz’. from Bandar-e-Daylam and near ‘Khor (Estuary) Imam Hossain about 20 km.

Therefore, The Hessar village was the site of the western rampart of the ancient city of ‘Siniz’ and There are a few relics here.


Persian Gulf coast:

in short, The coast of this province is of two types, sandy and rocky. In addition, The latter in it is a wonderful sight worth seeing. Being of limestone and due to the active water erosion, leaving beautiful and natural impressions behind. The sandy shores, however, provide recreational areas for water sports. Also, Bushehr being close to the cities of Abadan, Bandar-e-Abbas, Shiraz in Iran, including other countries of Persian Gulf such as Kuwait and Bahrain, attracts many tourists and visitors during the winter season.

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