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Ecotourism in Iran

Iran, a country with a variety of climate atmosphere, nature, culture, numerous amazing monuments is a wonderful suggestion for traveler as it has enough potential for tourism industry.

In recent years, the interest in responsible travel, ecotourism in Iran, has increased and outpaced the traditional once.

Ecotourism define as responsible traveling to natural district that protect the environment; vegetation, animals including terrestrial or aquatic, It also maintains the welfare of the local people which involves interpretation and education.

Iran Destination, strongly, recommend you to read this article to get a background knowledge about ecotourism in Iran.


Ecotourism in Iran

Natural environment of Iran

Principles of ecotourism in Iran

Participants of ecotourism  should consider the below  principles:

  • Minimizing physical, social, behavioral, and psychological impacts,
  • Providing cultural and environmental respect and awareness,
  • Creating affirmative experiences for both hosts and visitors,
  • Making specific financial advantages for protection,
  • Providing financial advantages for both personal industry and local individuals,
  • Conveying unforgettable significant experiences to visitors which help to increase perception to host countries’ political, environmental, and social atmosphere,
  • Planing, create and operate low-influence facilities,
  • Specifying the spiritual and rights  beliefs of the Native People in your community and act as partnership with them to make empowerment.

Types of ecotourism

Presently, ecotourism in Iran is actively developing and due to the diversity of natural environment from north to south will obtain deserving attention.

Mountaineering, caving, diving, ice climbing, desert hiking, biking in the desert and rock climbing, all are considered as a responsible traveling.

It includes moderate jungles in the north with rainfall and approximately high humidity,

salt lakes and deserts in the central environment, high and massive mountain ranges,

coastal region and glaciers as well.

Moreover, you can experience 4 seasons’ climate during a day of a whole year around in Iran. There is the probability of enjoying various diversity whole year in Iran,

from the top and snow-capped mountains such as glorious Damavand mountain, long lakes and rivers, mesmerizing jungles and grasslands in the north to droughty and hot areas in the Lout desert and tropical climate in the coastal region of Persian Gulf.

In fact, there are more than 150 preserved environments and 26 national parks on domain of Iran that most of them are considered appropriate for ecotourism.

Ecotourism in Iran


To know which area is possible and suitable to visit we propose to contact with Iran Destination tour operators who are so professional for ecotourism.

In the following article the most attractive environments of ecotourism in Iran will be introduced.

Ecotourism in Iran

Ecotourism in Iran

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