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Izmaghan village Tabas Desert

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About Izmaghan village

Izmaghan village is one of the most beautiful touristic areas of Tabas. This village is located 2 kilometers east of the central part of Tabas city. Its inhabitants are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry.

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Izmaghan village , Tabas, Desert Village, Iran Destination

Tourism of Izmaghan village, Tabas Desert

Among the tourist attractions, including natural and historical villages. The tomb of Sayyid Muhammad ibn Ja’farayar, the Bride’s Bed, and the waterfall of Qadamgah.  Also two Arabic-like writing probably from the era of Muhammad ibn Jaafar and wild plant species.  Such as tall fig trees are precious. And also, the flow of water between these farms and orchards has created a natural, lush, and desirable texture.

The historical texture is formed by a blend of native architectural splendor in the south of the village, on the hillside, and in the vicinity of fields, fields, and gardens. There are two old castles in the village, between 2 and 5 km upstream and downstream of the village, which the inhabitants call the Girl Castle.

Izmaghan village

Izmaghan village, Tabas, Iran Destination

The landscape of Izmaghan village, Tabas Desert

It is one of the few villages with permanent rivers. People use its water mostly for agriculture and gardening. The village is also an example of vegetation in the province and country so that in addition to rice, palm and citrus fruits, and other fruits of each season, rice is produced, in fact, the climate and productivity of this village It is one of the permanent rivers that has provided rice and palm cultivation conditions alongside each other. You can see rice and palm trees growing together in the village of Izmaghan Tabas, which is almost a unique agricultural matter and occurs in a lesser region.

Due to the ever-flowing river, this village has a different face than other desert villages. Here the rain, the clouds, and the water have become friendly to the soil, making its gardens so fruitful and their fields so productive.

The Vegetation of Izmaghan Village

The vegetation of this village consists of two hot and humid and hot and dry areas at the same time. This village is located in a shallow valley and from the beginning to the end of this valley the flow of water and abundance of water in this part of the hot and dry geography of Iran has been enough to allow rice cultivation. Most of the palm trees in this village are automobiles and have grown as a group. In fact, the texture of the palm trees in this village is not in a row or in regular gardens, but rather in groups of 1 to 4.

In the distance between these palm trees, the land has become a staircase to the slope of the area and the plots are cultivated within these plates.

Village houses are similar to other desert architectures. Clay, mud, and soil are intertwined with wood and make each other a thriving and lively village. All the houses have open doors to guests and whisper the tale of desert hospitality to tired travelers.

Izmaghan village , Paddy fields, Desert Village , Iran Destination

Izmaghan village, Paddy fields, Desert Village, Iran Destination

Paddy fields

From rural attractions and gardens to paddy fields, palm trees from bungalows to gourds and clear springs, from old-fashioned native architecture to historical and cultural monuments and so on, are all fascinating collections for tourists.

Although the city of Tabas has a warm and dry climate in general, it can be traced to different types of crops if a thorough investigation is carried out. Because of its size and distribution, Tabas has a variety of climates, resulting in 57 types of tropical, subtropical, and subtropical crops, including high-yielding crops such as rice.

In Tabas County, people begin rice cultivation in the Treasury since May. Then they transplant it to the main agricultural land in late May and they harvest rice crops, which is due to repeated droughts in recent years. In Meygan, about five families are cultivating rice. Previously, rice was also cultivated in the villages of Sarand, Mauder, Malvand, Amirabad, and Deh Mohammad Tabas, which due to drought and little water there is no news of cultivation in this area. In the village of Izmighan Tabas, only 5 hectares of rice are cultivated in total, which is expected to be about 5 tons of rice and about 2 tons of rice. Rice crops are mostly for domestic consumption. Also, they ship some to Tabas.

Izmaghan village , Iran Desert Village , Iran Destination

Izmaghan village , Iran Desert Village , Iran Destination

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