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Mesr Sandy Desert

Mesr Sandy Desert is located in a small village in Khor and Biyabank city in Isfahan province. It is a famous desert in Iran which attracts many enthusiasts due to its special natural attractions. Iran Is all desert, don’t go Iran!

Mesr sandy Desert , Desert Attractions

Mesr sandy Desert , Desert Attractions

Why is it called the Mesr desert here?

You might also be wondering why this desert is called Mesr Desert ( Egypt). In fact, there are various stories about how the desert was named, the most famous being the story of a man named Joseph, who was a resident of the village in the past. At a time when the village was draining, Yousef dug a deep well and reached the water and to respect the name of Yusuf and his story in Egypt, and to honor the people, it is called Mesr village.

Mesr Sandy Desert

What are the main attractions of the Mesr desert?

Mesr desert is so beautiful that it is easy to spend the day and still thirst for its beauty. Yellow sand dunes and ramlams are the most spectacular part of the Mesr desert. Standing at one point and watching the yellow flashes as far as the eye works. But just not enough to see, the sand in the area is so slick that you have to take off your shoes and walk around naked. Touching the sand and warm sand to the toes will be one of the most memorable experiences you’ve ever had.

On the nights of this desert you are invited to celebrate the stars, just look at the sky once and for all you will never miss it. These stars sometimes look so close, that you feel like if you reach out, you can grab and hold some of them.

Mesr Sandy Desert

Geographical Location of Mesr Sandy Desert

The geographical location of Mesr Desert is located in the middle of Damghan Road to Nain and Isfahan. This desert has a warm and dry climate due to its location in the south of the Great Desert.

Mesr Sandy Desert, along with two other very small villages, Amirabad and Farahzad, are about 6km north-south. Amir Abad area within 2 kilometers of the village has sand dunes and vegetation rich in beautiful shrubs and shrubs and beautiful palm trees that have created beautiful scenery. Farahzad village in the north of desert has beautiful palm trees surrounded by sand.

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