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Top 4 Oldest Cities of Iran

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1. Shahre Sukhteh (The Burnt City)

Number one this list is Shahre Sukhteh or the Burnt City which is an archaeological site of a sizable Bronze Age urban settlement. The site  is located in Sistan and Baluchistan Province, the southeastern part of Iran, and was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in June 2014.

Covering an area of 151 hectares, The Burnt City was one of the world’s largest cities at the its own age. In the western part of the site is a vast graveyard and  contains profound ancient graves.

However, in December 2006, archaeologists discovered the world’s earliest known artificial eyeball.

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One of oldest cities of Iran: The Burnt City; dates back 5000 BC

2. Susa

Susa or Shush is one of the oldest cities in the world and then Iran. Excavations reveals that people were living at the acropolis in 5000 BC and have shown the existence of urban structures about 4000. However, the part of the site is still inhabited as Shush, Khuzestan Province, Iran.

One of the oldest cities Susa located in Khuzestan, Iran

One of the oldest cities Susa located in Khuzestan, Iran

3. The Old City of Harireh

Harireh is an ancient city located in what is now Kish, Iran. It is situated in the center of the northern coast of the island.  However, Harireh was first built sometime between the late Sasanid period and the early Islamic era.  The Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization  verified Harireh as at least 800 years old city.

One of oldest cities of Iran: Harireh

One of oldest cities of Iran: Harireh

4. Ecbatana

Ecbatana was an ancient city in western Iran. According to Herodotus, Ecbatana was chosen as the Medes‘ capital in the late 8th century BC. Under the Achaemenid Persian kings, Ecbatana became a summer residence.

However, the wealth and importance of the city in the Persian empire is attributed to its location on a crucial crossroads. Ecbata ranked forth in our  oldest cities of Iran” list.

One of the oldest cities of Iran, Ecbatana

One of the oldest cities of Iran, Ecbatana

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We hope you enjoy our  oldest cities of Iran” list. However, if you want to visit these places or any other attractive place in Iran, you can easily talk to our friendly team members. Experienced Iran Tour Operator tries its best to meet all the needs of travelers with high quality services. contact our Iran Travel Agency and plan your trip to Iran.

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