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Star Valley

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About Qeshm island

In addition to its beautiful beach and bright sunshine, Qeshm Island has amazing and breathtaking views that will convince you to travel more than once. One of these mysterious sights is the Valley of Stars. Star Valley of Qeshm, also called Ghost Valley of Qeshm, with its beautiful stone pillars, looks different, magnificent and, according to some visitors and locals, scary.

Seeing these landscapes most closely resembles the location of sci-fi films like Max’s Crazy. The strange and different appearance of the Star Valley has also forced the natives there to create interesting legends and to pass on them today to the generations.

The scientific facts spoken by geologists free us from the horrors of native myths and allow us to easily see the glory of the Valley of Stars.

The Star Valley of Qeshm is, contrary to legend, as beautiful as its name. You can experience this beauty at first hand on the Qeshm Star Valley Tour. In this article we will introduce you to the myths and realities of this precious phenomenon of Iranian tourism.

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Legend of Qeshm Star Valley

The natives of this region have two common myths about the Qeshm Star Valley. The first legend is about naming this valley. Residents of the nearby Valley of the Stars believed that falling stars from the sky created such a scene.

Imagine throwing rocks into the water. The stone sinks into the water, but droplets of water come together in the form of crystalline columns around the rock.

Past generations around the Star Valley, believe that one day the stars fell from the sky and the upward thrust created the scene.

They believe that after the stars hit the ground, the soil would have dried up and the columns would have remained on the ground. For this reason, the valley is called in its local language the “Fallen Star”.

Later, among the tourists, this area is known as Star Valley. Some, however, believe that meteorites have created this view rather than the precipitation of stars.

The second legend is about the ominous sound of wind in the stars of the Valley of the Stars. The arrangement of these columns in particular made the passage of wind through them sound strange and scary.

Past generations around the Valley of the Stars believe that one day the stars fell from the sky and the upward thrust created the scene. They believe that after the stars hit the ground, the soil would have dried up and the columns would have remained on the ground. For this reason, the valley is called in its local language “The Fallen Star” or “Fallen Star”.

Star Valley , Qeshm , Iran Destination

The scientific reason for the stunning appearance of the Valley

According to scientific studies, this fascinating phenomenon is related to the Cenozoic geological period and is more than two million years old.

Contrary to the beliefs of the people of this region, it is not the pillars that have risen from the ground; In fact, the reason for the creation of these columns is the erosion of the earth by seasonal thunderstorms.

Also, surface waters have not been effective in creating the Star Valley. The columns are made of sandstone and calcareous cement. These columns are loose and fragile and heavy rain can affect their shape. Of course, this effect is not large enough to destroy these magnificent columns.

One of the Seven Wonders in Qeshm

Star Valley or Ghost Valley of Qeshm is located on the southeastern side of Qeshm Island and in the vicinity of Khalaf Pond Village. This valley is 20 kilometers from Qeshm city.

It takes only 25 minutes by car to reach the Valley from Qeshm. Much of the road that goes from Qeshm to the Valley is a coastal road with beautiful sea views and bright sunshine on Qeshm Island. We suggest that you do not rush to reach the Valley of the Stars and overlook the beautiful scenery along the way.

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