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Shiraz Shopping Centers

Travel is tied to shopping in addition to sightseeing and tourism attractions. Even in the most remote towns and villages you have traveled to, looking for something small to buy, let alone a city like Shiraz.

Vakil Bazaar

The first Bazaar to visit in Shiraz is the Vakil Bazaar. The Vakil Bazaar, one of the oldest, is both spectacular and you can buy souvenirs from Shiraz from the south. If you want Jajim and Gilim or cheap and colorful fabrics, sweets or spring orange and musk, you can all buy them at a reasonable price from Zandieh Bazaar .

Shiraz Shopping Center , Saraye Moshir

Saraye Moshir

Moshir or Golshan Bazaar is located on the south side of the Vakil Bazaar, where its construction dates back to the Zandieh era, the large courtyard of this courtyard has gained immense popularity. If you are looking for handicrafts such as embroidery, mosaic, engraving and engraving on copper and rice, precious stones and jewelry such as gold and silver, head to Moshir.

Haji Old Bazaar

You must be looking for old Bazaar in a city like Shiraz. Where for example? Haji Bazaar. In haji Bazaar, things like boxes, cashmere, sewing supplies, fabrics, boilers, nuts and clothes are sold, and other things like sanitary ware.

Shiraz Shopping Center, Setare Fars

Shiraz Shopping Center, Setare Fars

Setare Fars Mall

If you want to go to a stylish commercial complex where you sell chicken from chicken to John Adizad, Fars Star Complex on Afifabad Street can satisfy this feeling. At Fars Star Complex, which has many men’s, women’s and children’s clothing stores, items such as mobile phones, home decor, health and beauty products can be found. After shopping, you can also indulge yourself in Asian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Kentucky, or pizza at Food Court.

Hamoun Mall

Satar Khan Street has many shopping malls, most of which sell branded goods, and one of them is Hamoun Business and Entertainment Complex. The Hamoun complex, which has both an amusement park and restaurants, fast food and Iranian cuisine, has more brand representation, and if you have little time and want to have everything together, this is a good fit.

Shiraz Shopping Center, Zeytoon

Zeytoon Shopping Center

One of the biggest shopping centers in Shiraz is Zeytoon. The complex has four shops, an amusement park, three-dimensional cinema, restaurants and coffee shops, and is close to the metro line. The prices in this complex are good compared to other places and are among the most popular shopping centers in Shiraz. Why? Because of its many recreational facilities.

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