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Sar Yazd Castle is one of the oldest and largest bank safe deposit boxes in Iran and in the world which is located in Yazd province. The history of this historical castle dates back to the Sassanid era (3rd to 7th centuries). The castle was used for the storage of cereals and food, which at that time had a special value.

Sar Yazd Castle

Sar Yazd Castle

More detail about Sar Yazd village

Yazd province is one of the historical cities. This city is one of the first registered brick cities in Iran and the second historical city in the world registered in UNESCO. It is also referred to as an international city. Yazd is famous for its windmills and aqueducts. Also, in the corner of this city, you can sit and watch history and enjoy immersing in its beauties. Sar Yazd historical village, which is the fifth tourist village and urban masterpiece of ancient Iran.

The life of the people of Sar Yazd village

Sar Yazd village was famous in the past as one of the green and prosperous areas of Yazd. Due to the numerous droughts that have occurred in this area, this village has caused the population of the village to become less and less and now this village has a population of about 400 people. It is interesting that more than 65% of the residents of this village are educated and literate. Forty-five percent of the village’s economic activity is based on agriculture and horticulture, and animal husbandry is often done for domestic and personal use.

The rest of the people work in the industrial and service sectors, and the women of the village also weave kilims and carpets. Adequate water, suitable soil and favorable weather have created orchards and extensive agricultural lands in the village. The most important crops and horticulture are wheat, barley, summer crops, pomegranate, figs, berries and pistachios.

Cultural attractions of the village of Sar Yazd

In every rural town, there are definitely different customs and rituals that determine the way of life in each town and village. In this village, Muharram days and wedding ceremonies are held a little differently. Many people from all over Iran and even from abroad travel to this village to see the mourning ceremonies of the people of Sar Yazd village. In fact, they all perform an action and purpose with the local culture and customs of their region. The way of life and livelihood in Srizad village, the way of holding glorious religious ceremonies, the type and method of cooking food and customs such as simplicity and contentment of desert people and… are some of the most important features and cultural and social attractions of this village. Nakhl Bardari on the Ashura of Hosseini has all caused it to be considered as a cultural attraction in this village.

More about Sar Yazd Castle

One of the largest and most beautiful defensive forts located in the central desert of Iran and in the village of Sar Yazd is Sar Yazd Castle. According to many experts, the original core of this castle belongs to the Sassanid era and was renovated in three floors during the Safavid period. Sar Yazd Castle was in fact the first bank in Iran to be built during the Sassanid era. It is very important because it is located on the Silk Road. A deep ditch has been dug around the castle, although the reason for this ditch was to protect the castle, where they either poured water or lit a fire to stay safe from the enemy. In the castle, it goes up and down by a pulley, and when you raise it, you face each other.

The only way to enter this castle is through this door because it has only one door. On top of this there are large holes that you may wonder when they visit because they are high. It is interesting to know that the people of Yazd thought everywhere. These holes are so that if one day a looter or a thief can enter the castle, boiling water will be poured on them from these holes.

Sar Yazd Structure

In addition to the grain, money, gold and jewelry of the villagers were also kept in the castle during the invasion and looting. Furthermore, around this building was enclosed a gutter with a width of approximately 6 meters and a depth of 3 to 4 meters which was the first layer of defense of the castle.

Sar Yazd Castle

Yazd Attractions

Sar Yazd Castle Architecture

However, the castle has two concentric walls in you with a lofty and invincible tower that is enclosed by a gutter. Sar Yazd castle also had two doors, one of them was the main door and the other was the backing door of the castle.

Sar Yazd Castle’ main door was movable and worked by ropes and pulleys from the bottom to the top. Hence, when the main door was broken by the enemy and entered the castle, the second door of the castle was closed. In fact, the second door played the role of support door.

This castle was in three floors consisting materials such as mud, brick and gypsum.

Iran Castle , Sar Yazd

Castle’ Decorations

Sar Yazd’ decorations like framing and fireplaces are also featured. Moreover, there are several chambered chambers on the sides of the corridors, each with a separate door and key for storing precious objects of the villagers.

Sar Yazd Castle in Yazd

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