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Iran’s Top 5 Undiscovered Places

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About 5 Top Undiscovered Places of Iran

Rooted in history, culture, and nature, Iran is home to a wonderful land of unknown and not yet discovered places. Here is a review by Iran Destination to found out about less and undiscovered places in Iran. Don’t miss the article; we are about to introduce you 5 Top Undiscovered Places of Iran.

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5. Stars Valley one of the 5 top undiscovered of iran

Beautiful island, Qeshm offers pristine nature and a world of mystery, but if there’s one attraction not to miss, it’s Stars Valley.  Marl and sandstone make up strange and attractive rock formations. Each of the sights of the Stars Valley is a great point to take the camera and hunt the dreamy and glorious moments of the beautiful island and record picturesque images. Just by reviewing some picture, you’ll find why Stars Valley is in our ” 5 Top Undiscovered Places of Iran” list.

Stars Valley, Qeshm

5 Top undiscovered places of Iran: Stars Valley, Qeshm

4. Anzali Lagoon

As we mention before in 9 top lakes of Iran, Anzali lagoon located in Gilan province. However, Anzali lake is the biggest freshwater lake in Iran. However, the lake is one of the most eyes-catching places to visit in Iran. The lagoon houses various bird species and unique aquatic reptiles.  Also, the special and mysterious scenery of the lake makes us to include it in our “5 Top Undiscovered Places of Iran” list. Accordingly, Anzali lagoon attracts so many tourists to enjoy watching the flight of birds while riding on a boat.

Anzali Lagoon

5 Top undiscovered places of Iran: Anzali Lagoon

3. Rudkhan Castle

Well-known for locals and Iranian, Roudkhan Castle is less familiar for tourists who travel to Iran. Famous to Great Wall of Iran, is a brick and stone medieval castle in Iran. Moreover, it is a military complex which had been constructed during the Sassanians  (224-651), and later rebuilt during the Seljuqs. However, the castle is built on two tips of a mount, with an area of 2.6 hectares. Thanks to natural and green mountainous surrounded by the castle, we include Roudkhan Castle in 5 Top Undiscovered Places of Iran” list.

Roudkhan Castle

5 Top undiscovered places of Iran: Rudkhan Castle

2. Katalekhor Cave

Katalekhor Cave is just discovered less than a century ago and archeologists believed that the formations date back to the Jurassic period. This cave is near to Zanjan. However, the cave is less visited than famous Ali Sadr Cave, so it deserve to be included in our “5 Top Undiscovered Places of Iran” list.  Also, the name, KataleKhor, means “mount of the sun”.

5 Top undiscovered places of Iran: KatalehKhor Cave

5 Top undiscovered places of Iran: KatalehKhor Cave

1. Khalid Nabi Cemetery

Cemetery of the Prophet Khaledو is a cemetery in northeastern Iran near the border with Turkmenistan. The cemetery was visited in 1979 and 1980 by the archeologist David Stronach. However, he found over 600 standing stones which are spread out in several locations. In popular media the stones are often described as examples of phallic architecture and a major tourist attraction. Also, the cemetery is now a national heritage site protected by the Iranian government.

5 Top undiscovered places of Iran: Khalid Nabi Cemetery

5 Top undiscovered places of Iran: Khalid Nabi Cemetery

So, we hope you enjoy this list. However, if you want to visit these places or any other attractive place in Iran, you can easily talk to our friendly team members. Also, experienced Iran Tour Operator tries its best to meet all the needs of travelers with high quality services. contact our Iran Travel Agency and plan your trip to Iran.

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