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South of Iran

Traveling to the south of Iran will be very enjoyable, because the friendly people of this region that will leave you with pleasure memories. Like other parts of the country, the southern parts of Iran and Persian Gulf’ Islands are full of historical and natural attractions that make you travel and enjoy the sightseeing.

In this article, we want to introduce you the main southern cities of Iran which are highly attractive to the tourists. It takes at least 10 days for you to visit all these southern cities of Iran.

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Khuzestan Province

Khuzestan Province is one of the most beautiful southern provinces of Iran, full of different sights that many tourists visit every year, especially during Nowruz.

The first is Dezful.  Dezful’s old bazaar, King Rakneddin Bath, the historic Souznagar House and Ali Kalle Beach Park, which overlooks a beautiful river, will draw your attention.

However, The next town is Susa, which has a long history and boasts many sights which includes Susa Castle, which is known as the Acropolis Castle or the French Fortress, the tomb of Daniel the Prophet, the historic site of the Choghazenbil Ziggurat, which dates back to 5 thousands of years ago.

After Susa, head to Abadan and Khorramshahr, where beautiful and eye-catching scenes will fascinate you.

The historical mosque of Rooneys, Abadan Museum and Museum of Oil Industry, Arvand and Bahmanshir Rivers are just some of the beauties of these cities.

Don’t miss the time to arrive in Ahwaz. Furthermore, The beautiful and lush rivers of Karun, Abdul Hameed Bazaar, Kaveh Bazaar, Museum of Contemporary Art, Suspended Bridge or White Bridge and Ali Ibn Mahziar’s Tomb that symbolizes Ahwaz City, which are places you can visit.

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You can visit in Bushehr the Maritime Museum, the Bushehr Mansion, the Tomb belongs to a British Army commander, and so on are also good places to visit.

Alongside all this, overlook the palm trees of this province that provide a beautiful view to the visitors.

At the end, head to the beautiful beaches of Bushehr, which has been in a pleasant and pleasant climate for almost 8 months.

Bushehr , South of Iran , Iran Destination

Hormozgan Province

After Bushehr, head to Hormozgan Province, where besides its beautiful islands, there are many other sights to look forward to that are definitely worth a visit. However, surrounded by Hindu temples, Hindu temple, bath complex and herd house, large bazaar and city center market are among the sights.

Visiting the beautiful islands of Kish and Qeshm Islands will complete the pleasure of your trip. However, Star Valley with nesting mountains, Port Loft, marauding forests with many surprises, Chahkouh Strait, Sculpture Valley with stunning mountains, cute islands, time and Hormuz and … is just a beautiful corner of Qeshm Island.

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