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Hamadan province is one of the most ancient parts of Iran and its civilization. Also, relics of this area confirm this fact. Besides, today’s Hamedan is what is left of Ecbatana, The Medes’ capital before they formed a union with the Persians. Moreover, the poet Ferdowsi says that Ecbatana built by King Jamshid.

In addition, Hamedan has lots of historical place, that we will be familiar with them below:


Aveccina Tomb , Hamedan

Historical places 

  1. Ali Sadr Cave

This cave is the biggest water cave in the world.

  1. Ibn-e Sina

The first item which attract visitor is the architectural style of the tomb which returns to your mind to the period that Ibn e Sina lived. Also, it located in the heart of the city in center of a square .


  1. Tomb of Esther and Mordechai

We cannot ignore the importance of Esther and Mordechai and their influence during the Achaemenid period. Besides, Esther whose victory is the base of Purim celebration for Jewish is laid in this holy place in city of Hamedan.

  1. Tomb of Baba Taher

Ali Baba Taher is a great Persian poet and his words are so deep, related to God. Moreover, if you can read Farsi it is better because at the site, the scriptures are only in Farsi and there is no guide.

  1. Gonbad Alavian

Tombs of two of the members of the Alavian family in Hamedan.Also, it built as a mosque in Saljuqi period. Besides, the architecture and the Stucco is one of the fabulous examples of Islamic art in Iran.

  1. Shir Sangi (Stony Lion)

This lion is ancient and remained from Iranian’s ancient times. Also, this is placed in the middle of a square and nothing else, you can see it in 5minutes.In addition, it should have been in a museum together with other ancient sculptures to be more attractive


Ali Sadr Cave , Iran

Natural places 

  1. Ganjnameh Inscriptions

This place is really nice, the stones were attractive. Also, it was good weather because of waterfall.

  1. Tepe Nush-e Jan

This ancient place is in the middle of the way from Hamedan to Malayer. Besides, it is a very old nice place and it do not crowd. Moreover, it is far from capital and it really does worth it to go this far way.

  1. Alvand

The Mountain of Alvand (3575 m.), one the most famous mountain of Iran.Also, it placed near to the city of Hamedan, west of Iran. Damavand and Alvand Mountains are holy mountains in Iran.

  1. Hegmataneh Hill

You will like this place if you are a fan of ancient history and art. In addition, Hegmataneh was the capital of Iran in a period of ancient times.

  1. Mardom park

Mardom Park or Mardom garden is one of the oldest parks of Hamadan. Furthermore, Its old name was Lona Park. Also, the reason of its naming is its location.


  1. Nazari Garden Museum

This garden museum is one of the ancient buildings of Hamadan city. Also, it carried to account as one of the masterpieces of Qajar era.


Religious places 

  1. Hamadan mosque

This masque is one of the buildings which are belonged to the Qajar era and the date of its construction registered in 2253.


  1. Local foods of Hamedan
  2. Rice soup
  3. Amaj soup
  4. Carrots and barley soup
  5. Khoshkebar Soup
  6. Broth of Ghorme
  7. Hamedani soup
  8. Kachi soup

Gonbad Alavian , Hamedan , Iran

Restaurants of Hamedan

  1. Shandiz Haji
  2. Nal Eshkeneh
  3. Green Moon Restauran
  4. Delta Restaurant

In addition, Relocated from its old location on Pastor St. Also, the Delta is in a hard-to-find new basement opposite Saidiyeh St (look for the food picture; there’s no English sign).

  1. Dareta Sardashi

This tiny two-storey cafe pays homage to the humble bademjan (eggplant) with a variety of dishes.Besides, mostly stews and roasts. In addition, service can be a bit hit and miss, and for some reason a lot of dishes come out unnaturally.

  1. Aria’ian Teahouse

With caravanserai-style vaulted ceilings, mood lighting and lovingly prepared fresh dizi, why would you go anywhere else for lunch? It’s opposite Melli Bank.

  1. Falafel Bros

If you’ve overdone the kababs, the cheeky Bros have just the remedy. So, a foot-long bread-roll felafel-fest! These puppies are the best in town.


  1. Kaktus

Down easy-to-miss stairs, Kaktus, with its clean, modern decor, remains one of Hamadan’s most popular kabab restaurants.


  1. Naghshe Jahan Restaurant

This cheap and cheerful small restaurant does tasty takes on the usual kababs, stews and rice dishes.


  1. Hezaroyek Shab

Almost out on the ring road, this cosy restaurant has a wide selection of Iranian and Western favorites. Also, owner Pari Bakhtiyari speaks fluent English. So, call ahead to check if it’s open.


  1. Finger screws
  2. Shortbread
  3. Yolk Halva
  4. Scissors candy
  5. Baghdad Tea
  6. Bread Tea
  7. Turkish delight
  8. Several kinds of pickles and jams
  9. Sheermal Bread

Hotels of Hamedan

  1. Parsian BuAli Hotel
  2. Parsian Azadi Hotel
  3. Khatam Hotel
  4. Arian Hotel
  5. Ordibesht Hotel
  6. Arian Hotel
  7. Ali Sadr Tourist Inn
  8. Baba Taher Hotel
  9. Yas Hotel
  10. Farshchi Guest House


Hamadan province lies in a temperate mountainous region to the east of Zagros. Also, the vast plains of the north and northeast of the province influenced by strong winds. Besides, that almost last throughout the year.

In addition, the various air currents of this region are: the north and north west winds of the spring and winter seasons, which are usually humid and bring rainfall. Also, the west-east air currents that blow in the autumn. Besides, the local winds that develop due to difference in air-pressure between the elevated areas and the plains, like the blind wind of the Asad Abad region.

Moreover, Hamedan is in the vicinity of the Alvand mountains and has a dry summer continental climate (Köppen climate classification Dsa).Also, in transition with a cold semi-arid climate (Köppen climate classification BSk), with snowy winters. Besides, it is one of the coldest cities in Iran. Moreover, the temperature may drop below −30 °C (−22 °F) on the coldest days. Furthermore, heavy snowfall is common during winter and this can persist for periods of up to two months. So, during the short summer, the weather is mild, pleasant, and mostly sunny.

People of Hamedan

According to the survey of 1997, the population of the province of Hamadan was 1,677,957. Also, based on official statistics of 1997, the population of Hamadan county was 563,444 people. Besides, the majority of population is Persians with a sizeable minority of Azeris, and a small group of Persian Jews.


Transportation of Hamedan

Old bus station

Main bus station



Ambulance 115
Directory inquiries 118
Fire Brigade 125
Police 110 (112 from mobile (cell) phones will also get you through to the local police)
Fire & Rescue 125