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What are the best handicrafts in Iran?

Iranian handicrafts are the most original, popular, and applied art of our land. Handicrafts have also been introduced as the most practical art and cultural production that has been able to reflect the original Iranian culture in the world in the best possible way. Iran Travel

These industries are usually produced in rural and nomadic areas and in the residence of artisans. You will see the Iranian handicrafts. Enthusiasts can get acquainted with each of these industries, which we subsequently introduce, by booking Iranian hotels online and visiting the producing areas, to get acquainted with the centers and quality of these industries. Iran Travel

Iran’s most important handicrafts, because of its high variety and high quality, have universal credit and provide a portion of the country’s required foreign exchange income. Since the extent of handicrafts in Iran is very wide, so here we introduce the most popular and important Iranian handicrafts.

The United Nations (UNESCO) has defined the description of handicrafts. “Handicrafts are products produced by artisan artist entirely by hand or with the help of simple or mechanical tools, as long as the share of the artist’s hands is not less than the auxiliary tool”. Handicrafts are in dire need for each country and culture and represent their history and way of life. Since Iran has a 5,000,000-year-old civilization and has a rich tradition and culture. Obviously, we see a variety of arts and crafts. Iran

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Weave & Textile Crafts

Traditional texture and textile are among the oldest handicrafts in Iran. The industry was formed in order to meet the human need for cover and some everyday items and was divided into different branches. Today, the traditional textile and texture industry can be considered as one of the most versatile handicrafts in Iran.

In different provinces of our country, the texture of carpets and kilims and various types of traditional textile are common, which are among the most famous handicrafts in these regions. Some of the subcategory of this industry are: Gabbeh Weaving, Jajim Weaving, Silk Weaving, Night Weaving Tent, Velvet Weaving, Curtain Weaving, Khos Weaving, Weaving Tape, Shamad Weaving and Chafee Weaving. Iran

What are the best handicrafts in Iran? Travel

Traditional Rhodesia in Iran Travel

The art of Rhodesia was formed because of human interest in decorating various clothes and devices such as tablecloths and a variety of docks. Rhodozy art is one of the most common handicrafts in different parts of Iran and is performed in different cities with a variety of tools. One of the most famous branches of rhodozy is needlework, filigree, petawork and crochet. Iran Travel

Rhodesia handicrafts also include embroidered pieces inside the fabric. Needlework on plain fabrics, filigree on traditional fabrics such as cashmere and for decorating janamaz, patter embroidery on thick fabrics and crochet often on mahootian fabrics. In the past, the use of gold and silver in filigree and silk yarn was common in peta embroidery. Other subsets of Rhodozy handicrafts include embroidered cream, embroidered fountain, star embroidery, embroidered rosewater, black embroidered and velvet embroidered. This art has many sub-categories, each of which relates to different cities.

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Metal Crafts Iran Travel

The discovery of metal in ancient times attracted human attention to this material as the first to make the supplies needed for life, and its use for the preparation of a variety of everyday containers and tools became common due to its high strength. Among the remnants of ancient Persia, many examples of metallic devices are seen. For this reason, the history of metal crafts can be attributed to ancient Persia. Iran Travel

Today, metal crafts, especially its expensive types such as silverware and copper squatters, are among the most popular handicrafts in Iran. Artist craftsmen create unique works using special tools and hours of time to engrave and shape metal types. One of the most famous branches of metal crafts is the arts of davatgari, engraving, etching, goldsmithing, goldsmithing, silverworking, coppering, casting, ornamentation, weaponry and marking.

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Enamel Crafts

Enamel crafts are one of the most beautiful dishes and decorations that are very hard to make. Mina Kari’s artworks are one of the most expensive handicrafts in Iran, made by the most skilled artisan masters. The art dates back more than 5,000 years. Mina Kar artists create beautiful works by combining matte colors and working with tiles and metal. Subsets of the pug industry include mari, lattice, painting enamel and enamel, and mina is the hardest field of this art. Ir

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Pottery Crafts

Pottery is one of the most popular handicrafts in Iran among tourists and has a high history. In every region of Iran, due to access to the soil element, the construction of crockery has been prevalent from the distant past. In different historical periods, humans combined water and soil and made mud containers, and pottery, and over time clay replaced ordinary soil. The most prominent historical potteries are jars and bowls found in ancient monuments. Iran Travel

Crockery is divided into two categories without glaze and glazed. In different cities of Iran, there are museums called pottery museums in which you can see a variety of historical pottery. Hand pottery, spinning pottery and kharmehrehs are subsets of pottery art.


What are the best handicrafts in Iran?

Abgineh Handicrafts in Iran Travel

Glass crafts are one of the most beautiful artworks in Iran. Historical abgins discovered in different parts of Iran show the high dating of these handicrafts. The most beautiful works of Abgineh made by Iranian artisan artists can be seen at the Abgineh Museum on 30 Tir Street in Tehran. Below are subsets of abgineh art: molded glasswork, foot glasswork, three-shell glasswork, double-shell glasswork, glass lathe on glass, waterlogging and matte work. Beauty crafts are also made by Iranian artisans by combining this art with pug art and metal crafts. Ir

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Wooden Crafts in Iran Travel

Wooden crafts are one of the most beautiful Iranian artworks that have been popular in Iran Travelfor many years. These industries are very broad and there are many artists working in it. Different cities of Iran have various wooden handicrafts, among them kharati, mosaic construction, inlaid, inlay and lattice. Wood craftsmen’s hand-made artworks are of great use in everyday life. One of the most popular works and wooden crafts are inlaid works.

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Stone Crafts in Iran Travel

Stone milling and engraving on it is one of the first handicrafts of Iranians, of course, ancient stone objects in different parts of the world show the history of this art all over the world. Stone crafts have changed a lot over time, and with the discovery of beautiful and decorative stones in the corners of the world, lathes, and stone ornaments have also become common. The main subcategory of these industries is the works of stone mosaic, turquoise, stone engraving, rock lattice, and stone curry. Stone artworks are one of the most enduring handicrafts. Iran Travel

What are the best handicrafts in Iran?

Painting Crafts in Iran Travel

Iranian painting crafts are well known in the world Iran Travel. These works fall into the category of visual arts and are one of the most beautiful works and handicrafts in our country. The diversity of these industries is also high and there are various examples of Iranian artists’ paintings in the works of illumination, tashhir, flowers and chicken and coffeehouse painting. Painting is the basis and prerequisite for many other handicrafts as well. You can see some outstanding examples of Iranian painting at Reza Abbasi Museum in Tehran.

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