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Hermès, The “TABRIZ” collection, Inspired by Persian carpets and rugs

While the world of fashion turns around and gives birth to something new every day, Here’s Hermès coming up with the “Tabriz” Collection inspired by Persian rugs and particularly the Tabriz carpet! How can I travel to Iran?Iran tour

Persian Carpet

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Tabriz carpet

This is not the first time Hermès has been inspired by Persian art and culture. If you remember the Qalamdan by Catherine Baschet from a few seasons ago, you’ll know the effect Persian art has had on many different Hermès designs within the past few years.

These new designs that Hermès used on their NYC fashion week runway are simply breathtaking. The details and the bold colors are eye-catching.

This outerwear Collection is inspired by the heritage of Tabriz carpet* motifs, elevated with Hermès’ quintessential luxe for this Fall/Winter.

Persian Carpet , Tabriz

Christopher Lemaitre crafts

Christopher Lemaitre crafts is a wearable collection of outerwear inspired by the heritage of  Tabriz carpet* motifs, elevated with Hermès’ quintessential luxe for this Fall/Winter. Masculine and oversized pieces are crafted in rich colors made with Hermès “Tabriz” fabric finished with a touch of leather. This is not the first time Hermès was inspired by Iranian art and motifs. We all remember the Hermès scarf of “Qalamdan” by Catherine Baschet. See the photos attached.

*Tabriz carpet/rug is a type in the general category of the world-renowned Persian Carpet from the city of Tabriz, the capital city of East Azerbaijan Province in northwest Iran.

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Tabriz Carpet

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