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Alisadr Cave of Hamedan

Alisadr Cave Hamedan a natural attraction of Iran tourism is one of the rarest samples of water caves in the world. It locates 75 kilometers to the northwest of Hamedan in a village by the same name. Geologists believe that the rocks of this mountain pertain to the second geological period i.e. Jurassic (190-130 million years ago).

If you want to experience an exciting and different journey, we suggest watching one of the natural and wonder attractions of Hamedan province and visit the mysterious cave called alisadr. The cave is located in the city of kaboodrahang and in a village of the same name. Alisadr cave was registered as the twenty-third National Natural work of Iran in 2008.

alisadr cave in Hamedan, Iran

Alisadr cave Hamedan

Introducing Alisadr cave Hamedan

However, Alisadr cave is one of the wonders and beauty of creation. And it considered to one of the sights of Hamedan. This cave is the only wetland cave in Iran and one of the few sailable water caves in the world that has the longest sailing route. Alisadr is also one of the largest water caves in the world and dates back to the second geological era. (190-136 million years ago).

When you visit alisadr’s several million-year-old cave, you have actually embarked on an exciting journey into the depths of an unknown and mysterious world. The world in which you go, the more you will be surprised. In this journey, you first pass the corridors and then continue the route with pedal boats in beautiful corridors and numerous atriums and eye-catching. From the collection of water fields within the alisadr cave, there are lakes that can be traveled only by boat. Your visit is halfway and all routes to 1250 and 4,000 meters.

Alisadr Cave HamedanAlisadr Cave Hamedan

Above all, you see icicles (stalactites and stalagmites), rocks and statues in strange or animal-like forms. Eagle claws, statue of Liberty, double-headed lion, pigeon, upside down boat, grape cluster, golcolm and stone like Mubarak Allah are among these forms. These natural stone sculptures have been created over millions of years due to the erosion of limestone and are manifested as a work of art. Alisadr cave also has several halls, which are also considered as features. Azadi hall with a length of 100 meters, a width of 60 meters and a height of 40 meters is the most famous of these halls.

The wonders of Alisadr cave

Alisadr cave is one of the natural attractions of Iran. Also, Only few caves in the world can compete with Alisadr cave. Its colorless water is odorless and has natural taste. There are no living creatures in the cave’s water and its temperature is 12 degrees centigrade. The water is so transparent that one can see to the depth of 10 meters with naked ordinary light. The water is not drinkable since contains different calcareous salt.

  • Moreover, Alisadr cave is alive and consolidated and has not experienced any kind of downfall in a few million years.
  • One of the features of the cave, which makes its difference from other caves in blue world is. the ease of use of water channels within it that because of the vastness of the cave, can be easily with boats typical of the inside of them crossed.
  • This amazing cave lacks animal life due to lack of natural light, and its depth varies from half to 14 meters in different areas, as well as the height of the cave in some halls reaches more than 16 meters.
  • The maximum height from the depth of the water to the ceiling is 54 meters and shortness of breath not felt in it.
  • Ali Sadr cave breathes not only with thousands of visitors during the day. But there is no poisonous gas in the cave.
Alisadr cave
  • Other wonders of the cave., the temperature inside the cave is between 12 up 14 degrees Celsius, and during the year, fixed it. so in all the seasons of the year for the tourists is right. In summer, you will feel relaxed in the cave by entering the cave, and in winter, you will not feel cold despite the cold weather in the region.
  • The water of Ali Sadr cave is so clear that up to 10 meters deep with normal light and the naked eye is well visible.
  • An underground lake, the cave has a blue, clear, etc., colorless and odorless, it., so that in the dim light of a flashlight handy can be a depth of a few meters, the water and the floor of the cave, which is full of beautiful gems and an alabaster is watched and also the ceiling, walls and floor of the lake is also covered with gems, with the crystalline.
  • Alisadr cave air is very clean and free of any dust and microbial pollution. Also, the air inside the cave is light. And has absolute stasis, so that if a candle is lit there, no movement in the candle flame can be seen.
Ali Sadr Cave of Hamedan -

Alisadr Cave of Hamedan

The best season for a trip to Alisadr cave

Naturally, spring and summer seasons are the time to travel and enjoy the beauty of nature. Hamedan province has cool weather in these seasons. And Alisadr cave can be the perfect destination for Nowruz and summer holidays. Of course, Alisadr cave is not empty in winter, because the temperature of the cave is almost the same in different seasons of the year, so you will not notice the cold in the cave during cold weather.

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