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Iran , Zahedan, Chabahar

Iran has so many natural attractions. some of these wonders can be seen in one of the harbors in Sistan and Balouchestan province. Gel Afshan is one of the most interesting natural attractions of Chabahar. This mountain which erupts mud is located 100 km from Chabahar and you have to climb up the it to watch this phenomenon.

Gelafshan, chabahar


Every some minutes the dock erupts like a volcano, creating a bubble which explodes and spreads the mud with a huge noise and features a messy, bubbling and sometimes explosive landscape. If you are lucky enough at the time you are there, the bubbles are bigger.

Another untraveled attraction of this harbor is Lipar lake. The route to this place is so amazing because on one side of the lake the water is salty and on the other side it is sweet and is used for agriculture.

More than that there is a vast and untouched sandy sea coast on the right and the strange Mars mountains on the left.

Lipar pond in Chabahar

Lipar pond

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