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Tepe Sialk

Tepe Sialk is the first civilization of central Iran in Kashan. Also, the ancient site of  Tepe Silk located in the Fin area of Kashan, dates back more than 8,000 years. Besides, this hill is originally the ruins of ancient Ziggurat of Iran.

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Introduction of Tepe Sialk

“Nearly 8,000 BC, the cavemen of the Iranian plateau turned to the plains following changes in the climate and the formation of farms and meadows, and began a new life, and in their civilization there was more progress than in previous times, the oldest people in the plains were the local people of Tepe Sialk near Kashan, in which their traces of life were seen. They have gained room.”

In addition, Tepe Sialk is one of the most important archaeological sites of the Iranian plateau in which one of the oldest settlements of the Central Plateau of Iran created around 7,500 BC.



The ancient site of Tepe Sialk located on the southwest side of Kashan and on the right side of Kashan-Finn road. Besides, it consists of two northern and southern hills located 600 meters from one another and two cemeteries.

Moreover, one of the cemeteries, called Cemetery A, is 3,500 years old and located 200 meters south of the southern hill, on which a 24-meter boulevard called Amir al-Momenin Boulevard drawn today. Also, another cemetery, called Cemetery B, is 3,000 years old and lies beneath the gardens and agricultural lands of the western Flank of the hills.



Tepe Sialk Ziggurat in 2010

Tepe Sialk Hill is in fact the ruins of the oldest ziggurat in the world and the ancestors of the ancient peoples of Iran. Also, it made of clay and pottery. Moreover, the historical complex did not identify until 1931 and known among the people of Kashan as the cursed city.

After transferring a number of works to the Louvre museum in France, the museum’s experts noticed the paleontity of the artifacts, and Roman Girshman sent to Iran. Besides, in collaboration with Frenchman André Godard, who was the director of the National Museum of Iran, able to continue exploring the square?


Civilization of Tepe Sialk

In the ruins of the ancient hill of Tepe Sialk, several human skeletons and ancient containers have been found located in the Louvre museums of France, the National Museum of Iran and the Fin Garden Museum and a museum next to this ancient collection. Also, one of the landmarks of this ancient region is the existence of several thousand-year-old shards on the ground and around these hills.

In addition, the emergence of spinning and knitting dukes indicates the familiarity of these people in the millennia BC of the spinning and knitting industry. Also, residents of the area built their own tools and tools by melting metals. Moreover, with the discovery of metal smelting furnaces in the southern part of the hill, silk city can consider as one of the most industrial cities of that era.

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