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Shah Nematolah e Vali

Shah Nematolah e Vali:  is a historical complex which is located in Mahan, Iran and includes the mausoleum of Shah Nematollah Vali, the renowned Iranian mystic and poet. Shah Nematollah Vali died in 1161 aged and a shrine was erected in his honor and became a pilgrimage site; with the attention of successive rulers contributing various additions over the centuries.
The shrine complex has four courtyards, a reflecting pool, a mosque and twin minarets covered with turquoise tiles from the bottom up to the cupola. Shah Abbas I undertook extensions and renovations in 1601, including reconstruction of the tiled blue dome, described as “one of the most magnificent architectural masterpieces in old Persia”. The site was particularly popular, necessitating the construction of additional courtyards to accommodate increased numbers of pilgrims during the Qajar period. The minarets also belong to this period. The small room where Nematollah Vali prayed and meditated contains plasterwork and tile decorations. The complex is also known for its tile work and seven ancient wooden doors.
The building and its gardener opened from street and public road. On the public road which in the past passed through the center of city thee is a wide and circle frontage at a 3m high from the road level. It is probably because of securing the frontage from the danger of river.
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