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The beautiful springs of Badab Surt, also known as colorful springs, attract many tourists. Badab Surt springs are located in Mazandaran province, south of Sari city, Surt village, between Arvest and Malkhast villages. These springs reach from the north to the heights and hills covered with coniferous forests. It overlooks the downstream valleys from the south and adjacent to the highlands covered with shrubs and bushes from the east. The west is also surrounding by the village of Arvest. By this Iran travel agency, Iran Destination, you’ll discover Iran and it’s culture.  Wanna Travel to Iran? Take a look at our Iran tour and then travel to Iran with peace of mind.

Badab Surt

About Badab Surt

Interestingly, Badab Surt is the name of a stepping fountain at an altitude of 1840 meters above sea level, which is considered to be a unique phenomenon in Iran tourism, and there are few places in world like that.

Iran Destination-Badab Surt

Iran Destination: Badab Surt

it’s believed to say that the site was in the past a very distant Zoroastrian area. However, they say that the Zoroastrians Worship God over the fountains of Surt with special customs and later believed in Islam.

However, Badab Surt consist of a complex of mineral springs.  For thousands of years, these springs  consist of many floors, each with a different color and odor.

Interestingly, Badab Surt imperial springs field reaches more than 2 million square meters. Anyway, the spring water leaves stairs and special shapes on every path that is being routed. In the past, spring was full of water, and there were stairs and beautiful works in an area of ​​about 30,000 square meters.

Iran Destination: Badab Surt Springs

Iran Destination: Badab Surt Springs

Unfortunately, due to drought and climate change, water sources have fallen sharply over the last 200 years and only about 1000 square meters of water flow. Parts that do not have water are seen in white.

However, the spring water is salty and temperate. Due to the presence of iron oxides and iron, it consists of  several therapeutic benefits to this water.  Anyway, many see this attraction as the most beautiful spring in the world, and it is referred to as the second saline spring of the world, which is located after the Turkish spring Pamukkale.

Badab Surt spring

Our country Iran is full of natural, cultural and historical attractions that you can see a corner of beauty wherever you go. One of the most spectacular and unique attractions in Iran, which is locating in the north of our country, is famous as Badab Surt spring. A spring that is known in the world for its strange shape and beauty. Badab Surt spring is one of the natural wonders that is located in Mazandaran province in northern Iran, 95 km south of Sari city. This spring is composed of a large number of terraces on top of each other. Travertine terraces created by natural interactions thousands of years ago. Also, clear and semi-warm water flows inside them.

Characteristics of Badab Surt springs

Badab Surt springs include two springs with completely different waters in terms of color, smell, taste and volume of water. The spring has very salty water and has a pool with a diameter of about 15 meters and a great depth. It is mainly used for body water in summer. It is also useful for treating back and leg pain, skin diseases, rheumatism and especially migraine headaches. Also, this spring does not freeze in winter due to its salinity. The second spring is located upstream and northwest of this spring. This sour spring has a red and orange blue taste and a little iron deposit is sitting around the spring.

The flow of sedimentary and mineral waters of these springs over the years, on its downhill slope, has created hundreds of floors and tens of beautiful ponds in orange, yellow and red colors in different sizes. These floors and ponds are in fact the main attraction and unique feature of Badab Surt springs. The beauty of these floors and the special location of the spring at the foot of the mountain and the surrounding landscapes are especially admirable in the evening.

Best time to visit

Visiting the springs and pools of Badab Surt, especially in May, relieves the tiredness of tourists. In winter, you can see these beautiful wonders of Iran. However, the best season to use the nature and beauty of this spring is summer and May. Because the nature around this spring is green even to distant places and shines like a green jewel under the golden light of the sun. The most imaginative scenes in the area are at sunrise and sunset. These springs are located at an altitude of 1840 meters and are unique in Iran. There are springs similar to Badab Surt in Turkey, USA and New Zealand.

For your information

  • Did you know that the seven-colored springs of Badab Surt were recognized as the second national and natural monument of Iran in 2008 and were nationally registered!
  • Do you know that Badab means carbonated water!
  • Did you know that Surt means intensity of effect!
  • Did you know that Badab Surt springs are the sister springs of Pamukkale springs in Turkey!
  • Do you know that Badab Surt springs are known as the second salt water spring in the world after Pamukkale springs in Turkey!
  • Do you know that Badab Surt springs are going to be world registered in the very near future!

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