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Chalus; The evergreen opal of Iran

Chalus is one of the northern green cities of Iran, with its pristine and historic attractions. However, the city hosts both domestic and foreign tourists every year which is known as evergreen opal.

Namak Abrud

Chalus Forest Park

The Chalus Forest Park is located on the Chalus Road on the road to the rivers passing by it. Moreover, the park offers many amenities such as playgrounds, desks and benches for tourists, and hence,  provides accommodation for them.

Forest Park , evergreen opal

The Acapulaco Waterfall

The Acapulaco Waterfall is located in a lush green landscape surrounded by the cool mountains of Kelardasht. Furthermore, the cascade is one of Kelardasht‘ unique natural phenomena attracting lots of tourists every year.

Acapulaco Waterfall

Savasoreh Waterfall

The next one, Savasoreh Waterfall is 120 meters high and has abundant water and is located in the mountainous region of Bekra Baldeh.

Namak Abrud Tel-cabin

Namak Abrud Tel-cabin

Forest Park and Tel-cabin

Finally, the Forest Park and Tel-cabin in Namak Abrud with more than 200 hectares of land is protected by ecological systems as one of the most beautiful and lush forest parks in Iran.

Moreover, the park, which has a pristine nature, is one of the main tourist destinations in Chalus. However, the cabin is one of the most important attractions in the area.

Chalus Road , North of Iran

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