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Iran Destination is a  tour operator in Iran which makes your travel to Iran easy. The Iran Travel Company is ready to help you to travel to Iran, to the border areas like Sistan and Baluchistan. Following, read about  one of the best Surfing Coasts not only in Iran but also in the world. 

Surfing in Iran

Chabahar, one of the southern cities of the province Sistan and Baluchistan is the only oceanic port of Iran. The city has about 3 kilometers of waterfront border along Oman Sea, and this expanse of waterfront is suitable for the development of all types of coastal water sports such as swimming, boating, diving and surfing in Iran.

The Oceanic Port of Iran

It is the only port in Iran that is connected to the open sea and the ocean which makes it a special place. The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean to which Chabahar connects. Another interesting point about the port of Chabahar is that if we move from this port to Antarctica, we will not be hit by any land. That’s amazing! It is connected directly to Antarctica without any intermediaries.

Surfing in Iran , Chabahar , Iran Destination

Surfing in Chabahar, Makran, in Monsoon Season

In addition to cooling the air in Chabahar in the hottest season of the year, it brings a wave of monsoon that makes Makran Beach the best surfing spot in West Asia.

The monsoon season, which begins in early June, arrives at its best station in August, giving the best of both coasts from Konarak, Chabahar and Goethe to experience cooler air.

This season is one of dozens of unknown attractions on the Makran coast, according to tourism experts along the Makran oceanic coastline as one of Iran’s foremost points of at least 200 unique natural, historical and animal attractions that are worth a visit.

Monsoon with its geysers, windsurfing and, of course, its rainfall and spring winds are just one of the dozens of Makran beach attractions; It makes Iran and West Asia the best spot for professional surfing.

Its unique, long waves of three to four months have consistently made international surfing experts and trainers liken Makran Beach to not only Iran’s best spot, but West Asia’s best spot for professional surfing.

Surfing in Iran , Chabahar , Iran Destination

Experience Surfing in Iran with Iran Destination

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